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Hammer of Kunlun Pre-purchase Reward

Par clearmind
ven. 10 nov. 2017 11:01:00 PST



Get ready for the next content update!

Charge a total of at least $20 during the promotion period and receive the following:

1. One Battlefield Supply Crate every day for logging in at least 1 hour on a LV60+ character for the next 30 days, starting the day that you qualify.

Each Battlefield Supply Crate contains:

  • 5x Mithril (vendor for 1 Gold each)
  • 1x Superior Goldstone
  • 1x 400 Silver Token Pouch
  • 3x of each Battlefield Pack (21x total)

 2. Exclusive new mount when the content update launches:

  • Kunlun Peacock



Start: 11/3/17 @4:00PM PT

End: 11/16/17 @11:59PM PT




  • You must charge a total of $20 (USD or equivalent) during the promotion period to qualify. You will not qualify more than once for charging beyond $20.
  • To receive your daily Battlefield Supply Crates, you must log on for at least an hour each day with a LV60+ character. Battlefield Supply Crates will be sent out once a day via in-game mail once a day at 4:00PM PT. You are limited to 1x Battlefield Supply Crate per character per day (not including the daily Battlefield Supply Crate available to LV90+ characters).
  • Battlefield Supply Crates will begin sending on 11/3/17 for 30 days until 12/3/17. You can receive up to a max of 30x Battlefield Supply Crates from this promotion (1 per day).  If you don't meet the charge requirement until later in the promotion, any days' rewards you missed out on will be sent after the content update launches (please allow 2 to 3 business days).
  • You will not receive any for any days you do not log in for, so make sure to play the game everyday!
  • Your Kunlun Peacock Mount will be redeemable with a code sent to you via Arc Mail after "Hammer of Kunlun" launches. Please allow 2 to 3 business days to receive your code. This code is redeemable only on the account it was sent to and will expire after December 31, 2017.



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