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Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online Black Friday Discounts

Par LaughingTrendy
ven. 25 nov. 2016 07:00:00 PST

With Black Friday, discerning Captains are looking for the best deal out there. The possibilities are endless – do you go with the shiny new Starship or the latest fashion? We have a variety of bonuses available for all of our Captains! 

Star Trek Online (All Platforms)

From November 25th at 9:00AM (PT) until November 29th at 9:00AM (PT) all Captains will save 25% on all items/packs in-game on Arc, Steam, Xbox One, and PlayStation®4.

Star Trek Online (PC)

Packs found on Arc will be 50% off from November 23rd to November 28th. 

From now until 11/28 at 11:59PM (PT), you'll be able to unlock extra Zen! When you purchase virtual currency via our Charge Page using select payment processors listed below, we’ll add additional value to your purchase for you to spend in all your favorite games. Here are some additional details:

This Charge Bonus is ONLY available for the following payment processors:

  • Paypal
  • Skrill (Formerly Moneybookers)
  • BoaCompra
  • Xsolla
  • Paysafecard
  • Steam
  • Direct Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover)

Captains who charge Zen to Star Trek Online will receive an added bonus on top of their discounts and savings. Charging will grant points that you can use to unlock additional rewards!*




$10 1000 Points R&D Pack, Orange Tabby
$20 2000 Points Fed/KDF Doff Pack, Peregrine/To’duj Fighter
$50 5000 Points (3x)R&D Packs, Holo Leeta Bridge Officer
$100 10000 Points T5 Regent-class Assault Cruiser
$200 20000 Points T6 Hestia-class Advanced Escort

*Please Note: Make sure to use your Points as the Rewards Claim will expire on December 12th at 10:00AM (PT)

Packs found on Arc will be 50% off from November 23rd to November 28th 

Star Trek Online (PlayStation®4)

From now until November 28th at 11:59PM PT, you'll be able to enjoy the following discounts on Playstation®4

Playstation®4 Basic

All Packs 20% off

500 Zen PS4 Basic $4.99 15% $4.24
1000 Zen PS4 Basic $9.99 15% $8.49
2000 Zen PS4 Basic $19.99 15% $16.99
5300 Zen PS4 Basic $49.99 15% $42.49
11000 Zen PS4 Basic $99.99 15% $84.99

Playstation®4 Plus

All Packs 40% off

500 Zen PS4 PS+ $4.99 15% $4.24
1000 Zen PS4 PS+ $9.99 15% $8.49 
2000 Zen PS4 PS+ $19.99 20% $15.99
5300 Zen PS4 PS+ $49.99 20% $39.99 
11000 Zen PS4 PS+ $99.99 25% $74.99

Star Trek Online (Xbox One)

From now until November 28th at 11:59PM PT, you'll be able to enjoy the following discounts on Xbox One!

500 Zen Xbox One $4.99 15% $4.24
1000 Zen Xbox One $9.99 15% $8.49 
2000 Zen Xbox One $19.99 20% $15.99
5300 Zen Xbox One $49.99 20% $39.99 
11000 Zen Xbox One $99.99 25% $74.99

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