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Neverfall - Three Days of Flash Sales!

Par enelimm
sam. 08 avril 2017 01:00:00 PDT


Get ready to enter Neverfall with a special series of Flash Sales in the Cash Shop! These sales only last 24 hours on each day, so grab them before they leave!



Day 1

Start : 4/8 @ 1:00 Server Time
End : 4/9 @ 1:00 Server Time


Crown of Sochi

One of our most popular packs returns at the price of 25 Silver! Pick some up today for your chance at some fashion, the Orchidmane Hippogrifff mount or if you’re particularly lucky, the elusive Crown of Madness.


Basic Badge

Reroll your gears or upgrade to Awakened G16 or Rank 9 third cast respectively with Basic Badges. 1 Gold for 10 or take 50 for 25 Gold!



Day 2

Start : 4/9 @ 1:00 Server Time
End : 4/10 @ 1:00 Server Time


Hidden Orchid Treasure Trove

Another one of our more popular packs makes a return on Day 2 at 25 Silver!


Illusionary Crystal

If you’re not reawakened, you can use this item to give you a huge bounty of EXP! It has enough EXP to take you from Level 1 to 95. Pick one up for 28 Gold!



Day 3

Start : 4/10 @ 1:00 Server Time
End : 4/11 @ 1:00 Server Time


Warfront Supply Crate

This item contains everything you’ll need to get started! Curious about its contents? Take a look below!

Peripatetic Pill Optimistic Pill Dragonsparrow Pass
Geographic Map Dark Abyss Mount Egg Gold Spirit Charm
Gold Guardian Charm Dragon Orb (1 Star) Dragon Orb (2 Star)
Dragon Orb (3 Star) Dragon Orb (4 Star) Dragon Orb (5 Star)
Lv8 Soulgem Exchange Card Teleacoustic - 50 Teleport Stone - 50
War Avatar Pack A - 5 Teleport Bell Period: 30 days Auto-Recovery Stone Period: 30 days
Bloody Battle Gear Pack    


Mental Clarity Pill

Take yourself from 1 to 100 on your second Reawakening with this item!


Dragon Orb Ocean

Guarantees refinement up to +10


Arcane Sky Boundary Pill

Max out your Boundary Levels in the Arcane Sky Boundary with this pill!


Mirage Sky Boundary Pill

Max out your Boundary Levels in the Mirage Sky Boundary with this pill!


Astral Sky Boundary Pill

Max out your Boundary Levels in the Astral Sky Boundary with this pill!


Shifting Sky Boundary Pill

Max out your boundary Levels in the Shifting Sky Boundary with this pill!



Neverall launches April 12th! Will you be ready?



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