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Blacklight: Retribution

Hero Flash Sale!

Par LaughingTrendy
mar. 04 nov. 2014 14:00:00 PST



Grab Up Your Favorite Heroes!

When your regular gear just can't quite cut it, try out one of our amazing heroes! Sneak into battle with the stealthy 'Viper' to catch your foes off-guard. Charge into battle with 'Gendel' to take down your enemies! This 20% off flash sale goes on for this week, so be sure to check in every day to see which hero is on sale. Take a look at the great heroes that will be on sale at some point this week! Remember Agents, this sale only lasts for a limited time from now until 11/10 at 9AM.


Grendel - K. Moreau 


Grendel is a behemoth! He has the highest health in the game, a baricade, and a minigun to boot! With Grendel, you can withstand anything your enemies throw at you. 




Lazarus - B. Hinds 

EMT Medic

Lazarus is one of the fastest medics out there! She can duck into combat, revive her enemies, and dart out before her enemies know what hit them.





Robot Sentry

MARS is the mech with the most! His extreme armor makes him durable and his heavy weapons make him a deadly force on the battlefield!




Chronos - R. O'Conner 


Chronos is the quickest in the world! His run speed is insane and his ability to hack with his Firewall Breach Kit is unparalleled. Jump into combat with Chronos!




Lilith - S. Karalis

Hardsuit Pilot

Lilith can take any Hardsuit and make it into a beast! Her Hardsuit Battle mode can safeguard any Hardsuit you pilot. Do you want to take one of the best weapons in the game and make it nearly indestructable? Lilith is your girl.




Artemis - M. Akimoto 


Artemis takes one of the only weaknesses about Hardsuits and turns it into a strength. With Artemis, your Hardsuits can use the HRV Ping to locate your enemies for termination!




Viper - J. Vansaint 

Stealth Assassin

Viper is the deadliest secret Agent! He cloaks into battle to sneak up with his killer Machete! Cut down your enemies with Viper!



Looking for that additional edge on the competition, Agents? Charge ZEN now and pick up the latest gear available to you!
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