Get Ready to Board the Airship!

Your friend fennyface is waiting for you in Gigantic.
Sign up or log in to Arc below so you can play together and earn rewards!

How It Works

Send Invitation

Send your unique recruitment URL to your friends and family!

Battle Together

Party up on the airship and play 3 games together!

Earn Rewards

Finish 3 matches together and earn rewards that will help you get that sweet, sweet loot!

  • Veteran Rewards - 5 Fortune Card Draws & 3 win Crown Boosts.
  • Recruit Rewards - 3 Fortune Card Draws & 3 win Prestige Boosts.

Refer A Friend Rules: Friends must register or sign into an Arc account by clicking your invitation link. If they don’t, the rewards can’t be rewarded. Recruits can only accept 1 invite and must be below Level 6 in Gigantic. So choose your friends wisely! This promotion only applies while playing the Arc ve rsion of Gigantic. Veteran and Recruit must finish 3 matches on the same team, in order to earn rewards. Veterans can only receive their reward a maximum of 10 times.

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