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War of the Immortals

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Double EXP + Drops for the Holiday Weekend!

By Synchroze
Wed 27 Nov 2013 10:40:05 AM PST

Get ready for bone-shattering, adrenaline inducing, brain hemorrhaging double experience and double drops the entire weekend! Get ready to hunker down, power level, and gear up your heroes all... Read more

woi-news, free-online-rpg, double-exp, double-drops,

Territory Wars: Season 2 Has Started!

By Synchroze
Wed 18 Sep 2013 05:16:56 PM PDT

Territory Wars Map have been reset! Gather your Legion members and prepare to stake your claim on your Territory this weekend! Reset Date: September 17th 2013 Season 2 Start Date: Septem... Read more

woi-news, free-online-rpg, territory-wars,

The Vowmaker & Pandora's Boxes in Hero's Plaza!

By Synchroze
Tue 27 Aug 2013 08:03:51 PM PDT

The Vowmaker has finally arrived in Atlantis! Turn in your Wishstones and he'll grant you wishes! Have you stockpiled your Wishstones and wondered when you'll be able to use them? Well the... Read more

woi-news, free-online-rpg, in-game-event,

Patch Notes for 8/27/2013

By Synchroze
Tue 27 Aug 2013 07:45:42 PM PDT

Learn about whats new in the latest patch. Events: - Added the Vowmaker NPC in Atlantis Hero's Plaza. - Fixed the broken text when entering Dragon Nest. User Interface: - Updated th... Read more

woi-news, server-maintenance, free-online-rpg, patch-notes,

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