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War of the Immortals

Advent Calendar

By Bunagi
Fri 28 Nov 2014 11:00:00 AM PST

Happy Holidays! Are you excited for the wonderful presents you'll receive this year? We, at Perfect World, want to start the holidays early by giving our amazing players a free gift everyday for the first 25 days of December! That's 25 gifts from us!

Check back each day for a new gift code! Each gift code will expire by the end of the day (Pacific Standard Time).


DAY 1 - 2x EXP Stone: yV02rPdA
DAY 2 - 2x EXP Stone: GDFSibkG
DAY 3 - Christmas Socks: Xgu4aDtN
DAY 4 - 2x EXP Stone: ABMsahhd
DAY 5 - 2x EXP Stone: FK2PraHe
DAY 6 - 2x EXP Stone: V94qeNNI
DAY 7 - Christmas Socks: bCuy0JUn
DAY 8 - 2x EXP Stone: 5rjd5i7u
DAY 9 - 2x EXP Stone: NAQ10Fp7
DAY 10 - Christmas Socks: ItcE1DQ2
DAY 11 - 2x EXP Stone: ZTpHd39A
DAY 12 - 1.5x EXP Stone Giftpack: J3Y5DZxb
DAY 13 - 2x EXP Stone: Jg7hTrG1
DAY 14 - Christmas Socks: 1eFE42C4
DAY 15 - 2x EXP Stone: dSfcJxUf
DAY 16 - 1.5x EXP Stone Giftpack: 9B469xML
DAY 17 - 2x EXP Stone: nwhxB0hY
DAY 18 - Christmas Socks: l5KE4UcQ
DAY 19 - Christmas Socks: K2m4f7IN
DAY 20 - 2x EXP Stone: 9P5aklPF
DAY 21 - Christmas Present: JwJacM58
DAY 22 - Christmas Present: InfH2iPk
DAY 23 - Christmas Present: 6Q0Lw4nn
DAY 24 - Christmas Present: slGm1EvH
DAY 25 - Terror Wheel: DIJ1lVux






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