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War of the Immortals

Territory Wars Season 3 Begins!

By Synchroze
Fri 07 Feb 2014 05:53:12 PM PST


Its that time of the year to start a new season! Territory Wars maps are getting reset!

Reset Date: February 4th 2014

Season 3 Start Date: February 8th 2014



Territory Wars has proven to be the battleground of choice for Legions to show their might and establish their dominance on each server. To freshen things up, we're resetting all of  the Territory Wars Maps and giving each Legion the opportunity to claim any of the available Territories.


Season 3 Territory Wars looks to be as challenging as the previous two, but who knows which Legions will rise and fall this season. Each season is expected to last at least 3 months before the next reset takes place. Territories are never promised and each one can fall depending on each Legion's strategy. Forge ahead, create your Alliances, and claim your territories!



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