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War of the Immortals

Come Join the Fun as WOI Turns 1!

By Synchroze
Wed 05 Dec 2012 08:00:34 PM PST


War of the Immortals celebrates its 1 Year Anniversary!


To kick things off we’re starting with an in-game event that everyone can enjoy! The anniversary event is only around for a limited time so come join the celebration. Visit the Hero’s plaza on Realm 4 in Atlantis to get started.


Hero's Plaza, Anniversary Event, City of Atlantis


King of Mycenae:

  • The King of Mycenae has been reborn and is intent on regaining his treasure that is being stored in Atlantis.
  • He appears in instances and can be defeated for King’s Treasure Keys, Anniversary Medals, and Agamemnon’s Crowns.

King's Treasure, Anniversary Event, New Quests


Titan Legion Challenge:

  • The Titan Legion is back and itching for a fight! Gather your Legion and fight off waves of boss monsters.
  • The challenge can be taken once per day, but only twice per week.
  • Bosses drop King’s Treasure Keys and Anniversary Medals.

Titan Challenge, Annivesary Event, Quest Rewards

Tower of Atlantis:

  • To celebrate the anniversary of Atlantis being raised from the sea, Prince Roan has commissioned the Dwarves to build a tower for all to see!
  • Gather Mithril Shards from around Atlantis to help Brokkr with the construction. Each time a new level of the tower is completed; Mysterious Chests will drop that can be collected.
  • Mysterious Chests contain King’s Treasure Keys and Anniversary Medals.

Tower of Atlantis, Event Challenge, Server Quest


Event Tip:

  • King’s Treasure Keys and Anniversary Medals can also be earned by killing Shadow Bosses and completing the Paladin Trial.

Free Item Chest, Free Prizes, Anniversary Event




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