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War of the Immortals

Territory Wars: Season 1 Has Ended

By Synchroze
Mon 09 Sep 2013 02:55:13 PM PDT


Topple the top Territory Wars champions as you stand tall and claim what you rightfully deserve.


TW Season 1 Ends : September 15, 2013

TW Season 2 Starts: September 17, 2013


All player's who participate in Territory Wars this weekend will be entered into a random drawing to win one of the following prize packages:

  • 5 winners will receive the ultra rare Mechawings Combat Mount! Not the chance box, the actual combat mount! (All players can qualify)
  • 5 winners will receive a War of the Immortals Mouse Pad (Since we can't ship outside of the US, only US based players can qualify)


We'll be resetting the maps on September 17th to begin Territory Wars Season 2. The top Warlord Legions of each server will be scribed into the history books and crowned the best of the best of that season.



Make a last stand at defending your territories or push forward and take one!




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