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Gem boxes and new items!

By enelimm
Wed 15 Apr 2015 09:00:00 AM PDT

This week, find your level 3 Gem Boxes discounted by 25% in the shop and get just the right type of gem you want! We've also added 2 new items to the shop: the Disabling Potion and Luck Changing Bead. Take advantage of an exceptional launch price to try them out!

Sale starts:
Wednesday, April 15th 2015 (after the maintenance)
Sale ends: 
Wednesday, April 21st


On sale:
Sun Gem Box III
Vines Gem Box III
Tides Gem Box III
Flame Gem Box III
Disabling Potion (NEW!)
Luck Changing Bead (NEW!)



Sun Gem Box III
300 Sycee (25% off!)

Contains one Earth/Defense oriented gem:
Sunstone, Citrine, Yellow Agate, Yellow Jadeite,
Moonstone, or Azurestone.


Vines Gem Box III
300 Sycee (25% off!)

Contains one Poison/Healing oriented gem:
Amethyst, Green Agate, Cave Coral, Ink Jadeite,
Black Pearl, or Aventurine.


Tides Gem Box III
300 Sycee (25% off!)

Contains one Ice/Endo oriented gem:
Amazon, Sapphire, Blue Coral, Blue Crystal,
Rock Crystal, or White Agate.


Flame Gem Box III
300 Sycee (25% off!)

Contains one Fire/Exo oriented gem:
Rainbow, Ruby, Garnet, Red Agate,
Red Coral, or Red Jadeite.


Disabling Potion
1000 Sycee (75% off!)

Long lost Potion needed for Skills Reset.


Luck Changing Bead
100 Sycee (90% off!)

Resets Fortune Karma up to 10 times a day.


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