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Social Items on sale

By Fero
Wed 08 Apr 2015 06:19:35 AM PDT

This week in Swordsman, please your Jianghu friend with our social items that are now cheaper than ever! Offer them a power boost with thousands of roses or invite them to a lovely walk under the Sunrise Umbrella. Because sharing is caring!


9/4/15, after the maintenance



Invocation Page
500 Sycees (50% off)

Adds one page to the Wind Prayer Scroll.


Sunrise Umbrella
400 Sycees (50% off)

A flamboyant paper umbrella favored by Lady East.
You can invite other players to embrace under the umbrella, as well as perform a variety of couple-specific actions.
Prevents sprinting while in use.


999 Roses
50 Sycees (75% off)

9999 Roses
125 Sycees (75% off)

A symbol of love and beauty. Grants a special buff to the target, increasing Defense and Mitigation Chance.
Also lets the whole server know what a great friend you are!



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