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Class Preview: Shaolin, Five Venoms, and Zephyr

By DreamDefender
Thu 08 May 2014 10:00:00 AM PDT

In Swordsman, you can choose between ten distinct martial art schools. Each school comes with unique skills and features that set them apart from each other. In this week’s class preview, we will introduce you to the Shaolin, Five Venoms, and Zephyr schools. You'll find each to be very distinctive in their combat styles; each with unique abilities.


Shaolin School

It’s said that all kung fu originates from the Shaolin Temple. Naturally then, Shaolin skills are extensive and profound in both offense as well as defense. Most of the Shaolin skills deal the physical, making them excellent at both melee offense and defense.

One of their most coveted techniques involves momentarily unlocking a practitioner's latent potential, allowing them to deal tons of damage in a short time. Couple this with their staff, which can transform into 3 pieces, and you'll find their area damage capabilities high.

Along with their enhancement techniques, they have many moves which can be performed while in the air, allowing them to chase targets or attack in novel ways. While controlling a target is not their specialty, they do have a few moves which can acupuncture (stun) their target and even pull them closer by using their 3-sectioned staff.

A master of the Shaolin School is both unpredictable and unstoppable, reason enough to show any disciple respect for what they may become one day.

Five Venoms School

The Five Venoms School, located in southern China, was once was a branch of the Sun and Moon. Every disciple is a female and favors the whip as their main weapon; soft yet powerful.

They worship the snake, centipede, scorpion, spider, and toad for the venoms these creatures produce thus giving them the name "Five Venoms". Quite adept at producing noxious agents from various parasites, people tend to be wary of their presence and generally stay away from members of the school.

Members of the Five Venoms School use the whip as if it were a snake hunting for it's prey; cruel and powerful. It can be used to both control the target and poison them over time from its poison-laced tip. Other than the whip, they also employ the use of many insects, launching them at their foes to daze and poison them for the final strike from their whip.

Masters of the Five Venoms School are known to be as irresistible as the poison they use.

Zephyr School

The Zephyr School originates from Taoism, founded by an extraordinarily gifted genius in kung fu. Their main weapon of choice is the iron fan, used to launch their chi in ranged attacks.

Combining the fan with their chi, they are able to create ice or fire from the air instantly for ranged attacks at their target. They also are experts in palm strikes for melee combat, should their foe get close enough.

A disciple from the Zephyr School is a special one, as they have very strong control abilities since they can freeze targets from afar. They are masters at evasion, being able to turn themselves as elusive as air to prevent enemies from taking advantage of their low defense. Should one think of fleeing from a practitioner of the Zephyr School Arts, they may find themselves grabbed by the very air around them.

With high area damage, many control abilities, and reliable escapes, any master of the Zephyr School is forever ready to display their elegance in overcoming all foes.

Now, after feasting on the appetizers, it is time for the main dish! Here is our second class reveal trailer for Swordsman!


Further details on these schools and more will be revealed as we approach the highly anticipated launch of Swordsman. Stay tuned for our next preview article by bookmarking our news page here.

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