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Charge Rewards!

By clearmind
Fri 22 Sep 2017 11:00:00 AM PDT


Use your charge points for exclusive items in our rewards program!



Start: 9/22/17 @11:00AM PT 

Points Accrual End: 9/25/17 @11:59PM PT 

Points Expire:  10/1/17 @11:59PM PT



Here's what you can purchase with Charge Rewards Points:


Feline Festival Pack:

Kitten Fashion



Princess Meow, Pink Kitty Dodo & Pink Kitty Toto



Pink Kitty Hat & Kitten Umbrella



 Thorn Coral IV

Horn Coral IV


Divine Essence

Divine Jade

Spiritual Leaf

Suzhou Thread

Golden Thread

Mystic Seal

Dye Salts

Fragrance and Beauty

Beautician's Note



Sky Warsoul Pack:

Bad Botta

Enhancer: Bolt

Enhancer: Cloud

Horn Coral VI

Universe Swap Compendium

Traceless Compendium

Warsoul EXP Potion

Flair Pill

Synergy Pill

Advanced Smelting Stone


Bronze Gear

Metal Dart Box

Metal Flying Box

Safeguard Paperwork

Orange Cargo Order

Projectile Chest

LV3 Refinement Stone

Divine Essence



  • For every Sycee that you transfer into the game during the Earning Period your account will receive 1 Charge Reward Point.
  • Spending Charge reward points does NOT spend your Sycee
  • Your account will not be credited with Charge Reward Points until the Sycee is actually transferred to the server.
  • 100 Sycee transferred to Swordsman = 100 Bonus Points (Example: If you charge 1000 Sycee you earn 1000 points).
  • Many of these prizes will be bound to your character, so please double check the rewards before redeeming.
  • Charge reward points will be reset after this promotion





Visit the page to spend your points now!



Become a Swordsman Hero today for exclusive mounts, fashion items, and more! Also be sure to like us on Facebookfollow us on Twitter, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for the most exclusive giveaways, fan content, and announcements!

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