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Spend Reward: Feline Festival Pack

By clearmind
Thu 14 Sep 2017 11:00:00 AM PDT


Introducing the new Feline Festival Pack! This Chance Pack may contain a whole set of new cat related fashion. Celebrate your inner kitty lover this week!

Spend Sycee in the Marketplace and have rewards instantly sent to your mailbox. Act now, this is a limited time offer!



Start: 9/14/17 @11:00AM PT

End: 9/20/17 @11:59PM PT



Spend Rewards


To participate in this promotion, just spend Sycee in the Marketplace and earn rewards based on the amount spent. There are three spend tiers. As you reach the required amount, you will receive rewards through the in-game mail. All purchases during this time period will count towards your total.


  Tier  Sycee amount Item

2 500 Sycee

Unlimited redeem

Feline Festival Pack x25


 Feline Festival Pack may contain a whole set of new cat related fashion!

Kitten Fashion



Princess Meow, Pink Kitty Dodo & Pink Kitty Toto



Pink Kitty Hat & Kitten Umbrella



 Thorn Coral IV

Horn Coral IV


Divine Essence

Divine Jade

Spiritual Leaf

Suzhou Thread

Golden Thread

Mystic Seal

Dye Salts

Fragrance and Beauty

Beautician's Note

Reward Distribution

  • The reward items will be sent to the purchasing character.
  • All items will be acquired through the in-game mail system.
  • The rewards you receive from this promotion are permanent.


*Make sure to keep your mailbox clear to properly receive all rewards!


Take advantage of this amazing opportunity while it is available!


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