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Community Guide - Basic Information

By sunnys1deup
Mon 05 Jun 2017 05:25:14 PM PDT

Guide created by minami (Agappe - Han)


        Swordsman online.  Guide to pumping the character.

Swordsman online players, we'll take a look at some examples of how your character will be built in this project. First, we learn about the features and the game itself Swordsman online.


1. In this game, there are three game modes, classic, traditional and action. The first two options have practically no differences. Only here in the first mode the control is carried out with the help of WASD or the left button on the mouse, but in the traditional version only WASD is used;

2. The game stands out with a large selection of skills. Their variety is simply impressive. Before starting the game, you can decide for yourself which school you will belong to. They have different skills and there are a lot of them. Each school has its own way of fighting opponents, which is an interesting fact. As a result, preparation for the game will take a long time;

3. The graphics are at the highest level. The texture is also good for the genre MMORPG, efficiency and special effects. Each player will be able to fully rejoice. Such elements of the landscape as forests, houses or water are made with the effect of aging;

4. The whole game is full of quests. From 1 to 15 level, only quests of varying complexity are offered. The player will not be able to relax in such a game. Here you need to get to the right place and carry out various tasks. Very often the game specifically leads to the boss, who issues tasks;

5. Group passes and events start at level 15. Then all the fun begins. All group quests will be divided into guides, bosses and awards

The game itself was released in 2015 from the manufacturer Perfect World Entertainment. The game is based on survival among the struggling against each other 10 Schools. 1) From the first to the 15th level we go through the storyline, performing a line of simple step-by-step tasks. The head at the beginning of the game process is attached separately.

From level 15, you get the "Instance" function "Instance" is a story dungeon available with the acquisition of a certain (necessary) level of your character. In such instances, players walk in groups of 1 to 6 people (the more players, the faster and more comfortable you go through this instance). Items dropped out of the "Instances" are played out Between members of the detachment, any member of the detachment can choose-

1) It is necessary.

2) I will not give up the subject.

3) I will give up.

If you go through the "Instance" in development mode, then it should be taken into account that the configured "bot" automatically collects all the items, "Needed" in the offline mode Levels of difficulty for instances.

The first level 15 level "Rural Tavern" opened by us has only 1 difficulty level "Normal". Requirements.  

Players: Minimum 1

Level up: 15

Force Reserve: 12

The next instance is the "School of the Blue-Night Attack" level 25.


 Players: 1

Item Level: 25

Reserve of strength: 16

 Has 2 difficulty levels, "Normal" and "Swordsman".


Players: 0

Item Level: 25

Reserve of strength: 20

Required achievement: Recruit: Mercenary


I.e. Before you get to the next level of difficulty, you need to go through the lead. Instance level 40, "4 Treasures-Island of Solitude" has 3 difficulty levels "Normal", "Swordsman" and "Hero".

1) The higher the level of the instance, the higher the requirements for its passage. The reserve of forces and the number of players in the unit. 2) The fourth level of complexity will appear only when you reach the 50th level in the instance "4 Treasures-Scorpio Nest". 3) Of the several instances listed below, the items necessary to acquire forgotten knowledge fall out. 40th Instance: -Bamboo of the East Sea. (Hero, Leader) 60th: -Hello glass for brushes. (Hero, Leader) 77th: -The camel's urn. (Leader)

At the time of passing the instance is given one hour.

From level 15 to level 25, your task is to pump the character in this instance. From level 25, a more complex Instance opens. In it, you pump the character to level 32. Also from 32 to 40 level you play on the same system, passing several times "Siege Siege".

When you reach level 40, you have new opportunities. 1) Lair of a hundred poisons. 2) The Bamboo Country of Dreams. 3) "Lair of a hundred poisons," according to the hour instances that run from 11:00, onwards at 13: 00,15: 00,17: 00,19: 00,21: 00,23: 00. These portals appear in 10 schools of martial arts, (random) randomly. In them you get a lot of experience.

There are 3 types of portals.

1) The army of spiders: Lair of a hundred poisons: Web. 2) Mysterious Beast: Lair of a hundred poisons: Nora scolopendra. 3) Vanguard of moths: Lair of a hundred poisons: Grotto of moths. The bamboo country of dreams is a kind of instance in which at least 3 players gather together. Requirements. Item Level: 30 Frequency of participation: 1 time per day. The time for providence: from 12:00 to 14:00, from 20:00 to 22:00, from 00:00 to 02:00. Entrance through the city: Svitlovodie.

NPC: An old man with a bamboo street.

What is the "Reserve of Forces". Required energy for the passage of instances, which replenishes every 24 hours per 100.

Units and "Grass energy of the world".

Grass energy of the world can be bought in the in-game store or get from the codes, but this is another story.


 Guide to the coordinates and current world map.

 To get started, we'll look at the coordinates of the cursor and the auto path. Pressing the M key will open the location map where you are currently located. In this window in the lower right corner you will find the coordinates, more precisely the areas where they should be entered.

The coordinates of the cursor show the coordinates of the mouse's guidance on this or that area of ​​the map. The coordinates of the auto path exist to move to the desired area autonomously, without using a keyboard or mouse. When the goal is reached, it stops and waits for the following actions. It is also a very convenient function when searching for NPS when they are available.

Also I want to note the function "World" in the open window of the map. It is in the upper right corner of your location. This function will help you find and move to the desired area, location, city, school. Also in the upper right corner is a list of NPCs, Monsters and Players. When you click (select) a particular NPC, Monster, in the area of ​​coordinates input there will appear numbers indicating the destination on which this NPC or Monster is located.



Swordsman online.

Guide to the beginning of the game process from 1 to 15 level.

The most important thing in the initial quests is that in the process of their execution you will learn how to meditate, make double jumps up and to the sides, blocks and other not a few important things and actions. You will also be taught how to use the items and get acquainted with your story and exciting storyline.

When you complete the creation of the character, you will be at the beginning of your journey to becoming a great warrior of kung fu. In the beginning, you have to choose a more convenient management scheme for your game, which includes "Classic SM", "Normal 3D" and "Action". After that, you will learn to control and go further on the quest line by selecting in the upper right corner the name of the character (NPC) or monster (Moba).

So you will be in the future in one of the three cities of the universe Swordsman online. So you will choose one of the fighting schools (the class for which you will play). Along the way, performing the quest line many of you will have difficulty performing actions to one or another NPC, this action is shown in the lower right corner of the screen.

Also, you interact with the NPC with the right mouse button or the diologist, left-hand on the window.

Some story quests do not show the auto path, but you can also determine the direction by looking at the feet. There are blue arrows showing The direction you need.

Go ahead. On the way to accomplish your tasks, you will meet the NPC "Lin Suei", after taking the quest and its implementation, you will learn to perform a triple jump up, this is a necessary task without which you can not learn the next stages of the tricks.

Coordinates: Outskirts of Harmony 294,114.

Also, to study the next stage, you need to get into one of the cities called "Hoarfrost" on the map, it is designated as "Svitlovodie". To get there you need to press the M button (English).

Then select the city by clicking on the map and click "Finding the way"

The coordinates of the standing NPC are indicated in the cells "Coordinates of the auto path":

Appearance of the NPS "Mrs. Dongfang"

When moving towards "Svitlovodya" you will also open a couple of locations and get "Achievements" for them, opening locations is also necessary for more convenient and quick movement to anywhere in the world Swordsman online.



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