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Community Guide - Collection

By sunnys1deup
Mon 05 Jun 2017 04:39:58 PM PDT

Guide created by deathxf.


Collection Force: ?/100
White: 1
Green: 3
Blue: 7
Purple 15

Purple card bonus: I + IV = 53 Str/Will
II + III = 372 exo/endo attack
Draws card: 100 sycee/ 5 collection stone
Cards level: 1- 10
I: Str/Will +?
II: Con,Ten +?
III: Exo/endo att +?
IV: Defense/Eva/Miti + ?
V: Element damage + Resistance
VI: Element Proficiency + Resistance



Level: 1- 3

Heavenly Precious, Unsurpassed Beauty, Rare Artifact, Unearthly Beauty, Mundane Object
Rare Artifact is really important.
Rare Artifact: + 361 endo/exo attack for level 3 C. works


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