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Community Guide - Dungeons

By sunnys1deup
Mon 05 Jun 2017 04:16:40 PM PDT

Guide created by cindily.


Dungeon Explanation

Dungeons-level requirement and locations:
*Each dungeon has an upper and lower map and contains mobs ranging in that level range. It requires the character to be at least the lowest mob level to enter the dungeon by talking to the NPC at the respective map and paying 1 bronze. These mobs are stronger and yields more exp.

Lv40-"Magma Vents" located in Mount Shaolin [548, -31] Mobs: 40-50
Lv50-"Bittermarsh" located in Mount Majesty [294, 87] Mobs: 50-60
Lv60-"Yezen Trench" located in Twilight Ridge [442, -261] Mobs: 60-70
Lv70-"Khampa Docks" located Gweilin [902, -29] Mobs: 70-80
Lv80-"Altan Khan Tomb" located in Jia Perfecture [343, 339] Mobs: 80-90
Lv90-"Empress Palace" located in Dukhan [556, -326] Mobs: 90-100


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