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Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online: Delta Recruitment – Week 5!

By Jayson
Thu 30 Apr 2015 09:00:00 AM PDT


The Delta Recruitment event continues!

Delta Recruits should have made solid progress into their mission journals at this point. Now that you have a few missions under your belt, you have the opportunity to go back and replay an old favorite for nostalgia or for that great extra piece of gear that you need to round out your set. Plus, mission replay lets you pick your favorite missions and earn dilithium from playing them again.

For the fifth week of the Delta Recruit event, the contributing event is mission replays. Completing mission replays will give bonuses to the Delta Recruit meter. As the meter hits certain benchmarks, this will unlock progressively better rewards for the following week. Unlocking the initial reward will cause a dilithium bonus week – the following week to grant 50% more dilithium earned to everyone, not just Delta Recruits. Hitting the second benchmark improves this to 100% more dilithium, and hitting the third and final benchmark increases this to 150% more dilithium for everyone for the entire week!

The only way to unlock these rewards is to make new Delta Recruit characters, complete the tutorial, and finish mission replays. Of course, Delta Recruits unlock bonus account-wide rewards, too, so playing a Delta Recruit is advantageous if you already have another character.

See you in game, recruit!

Jesse Heinig
Staff Game Designer
Star Trek Online

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