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Star Trek Online

STO - Lifetime Offers

By CaptainSmirk
Thu 09 Jan 2014 12:14:22 PM PST



Become A Lifetime Captain: $299.99!


Is your mission in Star Trek Online a long-term one? If so, a lifetime subscription is a great way to subscribe to Star Trek Online at one low price. You can play Star Trek Online forever as a Gold member and never pay a monthly subscription fee again!

But the perks of a lifetime subscription extend beyond just a great savings opportunity. We've also bundled in special features for lifetime subscribers as tokens of appreciation. Here are some of the benefits we've extended to our lifetime players:

- No subscription fee: Play without a monthly fee forever!

- The Liberated Borg character species: Play as an escaped member of the Hivemind.

- The Captain's Table - A special area restricted to lifetime subscribers and longtime STO veterans.

- Exclusive costume option - An insignia available only to lifetime subscribers. Just visit a tailor in-game to add it to your current captain.

- "Career Officer" title - Show off that you're committed to Starfleet, the KDF, or the Romulan Republic for the duration.

- Forum goodies - Change the color of your username and show off a special title.

- (RECENTLY UPDATED!) Instant access to all Veteran Rewards!


To purchase a lifetime subscription, simply click the "Buy Now" button below!

Retail inclusion effective September 23, 2010. Lifetime subscription covers your subscription fee for as long as the game is in service. Promotional discounts and features do not apply. You will be charged immediately when purchasing a lifetime subscription. Subscription fees are non-refundable. We make no explicit or implicit warranties on the service period of the game.


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