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Free Blessings For Everyone!

By sparkiesoft
Thu 20 Feb 2014 06:09:33 PM PST


To celebrate the official launch of our new site,, we are giving away free Jones' or O'Malley's Blessings for everyone and anyone! 


1) Log into the Arc client with your account and click on your name in the top right. 
















2) Select "redeem key" and enter in the following code:

Jones' - KxK58gAf

O'Malley's - iItxAUKD

3) Lastly, select your server and the character you'd like to send it to. 

That's it!


This code is redeemable an unlimited amount of times, so there's no need to worry when your Jones' Blessing disappears when a week passes. 

Warning: Blessing's cannot be traded, stashed, dropped, or sold! Make sure you don't redeem the code multiple times to the same character, otherwise their inventory space will be taken up by the blessings for a week!


Everyone here at Perfect World Entertainment would like to thank you all for your support in playing Perfect World International. Stay tuned for more Arc codes to come as we head into 2014!


- The PWI Team


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