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Prime World

Halloween in Praia. Holiday events!

By primeworld
Tue 27 Oct 2015 03:34:25 AM PDT

Here comes the most mysterious, most mystic but also sweetest night of the autumn or even the whole year. The witch pets the fur of her faithful familiar spirit with a mysterious smile and the Vampire seeks for the most beautifully scented, purple rose ... because for both of them this night is even more important than New Year! Only during this night, they can feel absolute freedom.

Some heroes even get a visit from the other world ... Are you already afraid? Take it easy, let us tell you the whole story!

Warriors of Praia! Just for Halloween, we have prepared a lot of pleasant surprises for you and your hero.


All maps are decorated with pumpkins and candles. But don’t try to take them home. The creepy Master of the Night (with a pumpkin instead of his head) won’t let you do it! He would become really angry and then ... well, we do not want scare you any further, just believe us – the best you can do is not to annoy him!

Halloween camouflage!

There is a new object in the shops on Praia’s battlefields - Pumpkin! If a hero is in danger or just needs a short break to gather some powers - he can turn himself into a pumpkin and stay invisible. But only for 10 seconds! Nevertheless, a pumpkin can`t walk so the hero must also remain motionless in order to not waive the camouflage.

 Object «Pumpkin!»

  • Can be found in all stores during the fight;
  • Price - 20 Prime;
  • After activation transforms the hero for 10 seconds into a pumpkin if the hero remains motionless;
  • The enemy heroes can`t distinguish the Camouflage-Pumpkin from an usual one and can`t attack him, unless they find him by using talents or objects with the effect "True Sight" that allows them to see invisible objects;
  • Cooldown time - 90 seconds.


Special skins!

Halloween night is a mysterious night. Especially in Praia! It is said that you can meet spooky“guests” in your castle - new Halloween skins for your favorite heroes!

Name: Calavera
Base Hero: Bard/Muse
 49 Gold

Name: Transylvanian
Base Hero: Vampire/Dahaka
Price: 49 Gold 

Name: Cutie Zombie
Base Hero: Shadow/Whisp
Price: 49 Gold

Name: Shriveled
Base Hero: Eraser/Assassin
Price: 49 Gold

But even the power of the Halloween night is limited, so that these skins are available only from 27th of October and till 5th of November! Don't miss the opportunity to touch the dark side of Praia!

You can find stories of Calavera, Transsilvaner, Cutie Zombie and Shriveled on this page.

And the night begins!

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