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Star Trek Online

New Queues on Console!

By Ambassador Kael
Wed 08 Feb 2017 09:30:00 AM PST

Several new queues are coming to the console versions of Star Trek Online!  Captains will be able to join forces and defend the galaxy from a number of powerful foes.  Here are some details on the upcoming queues:

  • In Crystalline Catastrophe, captains must deal with a hostile Crystalline Entity. This entity is far stronger than the enigma encountered by the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise-D in 2368!
  • Admiral Leeta of the Terran Empire launches an invasion in our universe in Counterpoint. Defend Deep Space Nine from a Mirror Universe assault!
  • The clash with the Mirror Universe continues in Assault on Terok Nor, as a force of captains storms the Terran stronghold of Terok Nor to recover a stolen Orb of the Prophets.
  • In Days of Doom, captains will journey back in time to the 23rd Century to protect a Starfleet installation against the terrifying power of a Doomsday Machine!
  • A joint Federation-Gorn mining expedition on planet Edren IV has fallen under Romulan attack in Miner Instabilities. Return to the 23rd century to protect this operation!
  • Last but not least, captains from across time and space are summoned by Temporal Agents Chekov and Daniels to join forces in the fateful 26th century conflict known as The Battle of Procyon V!

That’s a pretty impressive array of action, spanning over several centuries of Star Trek history and adventure!  We hope to see you online as we join forces with brave captains and take on these queues.

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