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PS4 Zen & Pack Sales!

By Julia (nitocris83)
Fri 17 Nov 2017 09:00:00 AM PST

Greetings PlayStation®4 Adventurers! Zen and Packs are on sale for a limited time!

The Zen and Pack Sale Starts Friday, November 17 at 9am PT

The Zen and Pack Sale Ends Monday, November 27 at 9am PT

For the specific Basic and PS+ price points, see the table below:



Regular Price

Discount on PS+

Sale Price



5% Basic
15% PS+

$4.74 (Basic)
$4.24 (PS+)



10% Basic
20% PS+

$8.99 (Basic)
$7.99 (PS+)



10% Basic
20% PS+

$17.99 (Basic)
$15.99 (PS+)



10% Basic
20% PS+

$44.99 (Basic)
$39.99 (PS+)



15% Basic
25% PS+

$84.99 (Basic)
$74.99 (PS+)

Astral Deva Pack


30% Basic
40% PS+

$8.39 (Basic)
$7.19 (PS+)

Heirloom Weapon Pack


30% Basic
40% PS+

$13.99 (Basic)
$11.99 (PS+)

Reanimated Destrier Pack


30% Basic
40% PS+

$17.49 (Basic)
$14.99 (PS+)

Champion of the North Pack


30% Basic
40% PS+

$41.99 (Basic)
$35.99 (PS+)

Dragonborn Legend Pack


30% Basic
40% PS+

$52.49 (Basic)
$44.99 (PS+)


Click on the link below to browse through the store and find the pack you’ve been craving like the Dragonborn Legend Pack, which gives you access to the Dragonborn race, a fiery artifact, and much more! 

Visit the PlayStation®Store 

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