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Module 3 Preview: Black Ice Gear

By DwightMC
Thu 01 May 2014 10:00:00 AM PDT

Soon after the dwarf craftsman Baerick Hammerstone first discovered the mysterious substance known as black ice, he learned the secret of shaping the strong glass-like material. The powerful substance was then forged into weapons and armor giving them great power. The corruption of black ice has made surviving in Icewind Dale ever more challenging, which is why adventurers must equip themselves with Black Ice Gear.

Corrupted and Purified Black Ice gear not only features the unique aesthetics of the new substance, but is also very powerful. Additionally Corrupted and Purified armor sets offer slightly different stats so chose wisely before deciding on which armor set to build out. Each set of armor will also bring resistance to Black Ice Damage, which will aid you in your adventurers throughout Icewind Dale.

Black Ice gear can also be empowered using black ice players gather, giving the gear a temporary stat boost. Over time the empowerment will deplete, but players can continue to empower the gear with black ice to ensure the stat boosts will remain.

Here’s a sneak peek at the full Black Ice gear set for each class:

Control Wizard

Hunter Ranger

Great Weapon Fighter

Trickster Rogue

Guardian Fighter

Devoted Cleric

Are you excited to equip your character with Black Ice gear? Let us know in the official Neverwinter Forums

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