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Sword Coast Adventures Power Dice Guide

By Pinpointerror
Tue 21 Jan 2014 08:59:00 AM PST

Have you taken your companions for an adventure in Gateway's game, Sword Coast Adventures? Sword Coast Adventures is a press-your-luck, dice-matching game in which players send a party of 4 companions into a series of random, mysterious locations to earn rewards and gain companion experience.

To learn more about the development of Sword Coast Adventures, click here for the Dev Blog written by Rob Overmeyer, Executive Producer. If you would like any additional help on how to play Sword Coast Adventures, click on the "?" on the main Sword Coast Adventures map (upper right-hand corner) then select FAQ. Also, another helpful resource is available on the official Neverwinter Wiki article on Sword Coast Adventures.

As you embark on an adventure, you'll face a variety of challenges at each location on the Sword Coast Adventures map. You must ensure that you take on challenges appropriate for your companion rank. Also, you'll want to bring along a variety of companions with various power dice types to tackle the different challenges inside.

What are power dice?

Every companion owns a set of basic, 6-sided, dice, as well as up to 4 power dice that range in size from 4-side to 12-sided, with the 12-sided being the most powerful. As companions rank up, their power dice will grow in size as well as quantity. By checking the tooltips on your companions, you can see their strengths and weaknesses. And though different, each color of special die is equally powerful, so it’s up to you how you configure your party. Each encounter will require you to select the right companion with the right combination of Dragonling Bones and Power Dice to ensure victory!

Power Dice Types Companion Rank Up - Dice Size Chart
Kossuth (Magic/Combat)
Tempus (Perception/Combat)
Lolth (Thievery/Combat)
Tyr (Magic/Perception)
Oghma (Magic/Thievery)
Shar (Perception/Thievery)

12-Sided Power Dice

We hope this guide helps you plan out each monster encounter and guide you to victory. We'll see you on the Sword Coast!

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