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This Weekend in Neverwinter!

By Julia (nitocris83)
Thu 17 Aug 2017 07:30:53 AM PDT

A great weekend of events and sales is happening in Neverwinter! A 2x Enchantments and Runestones event means that you will receive double the amount you would normally get wherever you are in the game!

In addition to this double event, everything in the Trade Bar Store is 20% off and Keys are 15% off!

Event and Sales start Thursday, August 17 at 7:30am PT

Event and Sales end Monday, August 21 at 7:30 PT

If you’re aching for more mounts or companions, the Trade Bar Store has quite the selection including the Fire Archon, Heavy Twilight Nightmare, and Phase Spider. The store is also the only place for the majority of fashions and dyes (including dye remover)!

Keys are your ticket to some of the best gear, mounts and companions available in Neverwinter. Enchanted Keys will open the new Merchant Prince Lockbox which includes a chance at the Warpainted Tyrannosaur or Commander Tyrannosaur!

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