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Patch Notes: Version: NW.80.20170515e.16

By Julia (nitocris83)
Thu 06 Jul 2017 07:23:05 AM PDT

Release Notes


Content and Environment

  • Mount Hotenow: Venting the Underneath: Players should now consistently be able to loot the crate of explosives.
  • Shroud of Souls: Morlanth no longer incorrectly resets when the player uses specific powers in her encounter.
  • The achievement, "The Ascended," now works as expected.
  • Various minor text fixes have been made throughout the game.


Items and Economy

  • Heart of the Red Dragon: This Artifact now explicitly states in its tooltip that it cannot be used to feed other Artifacts.
  • Stronghold Guild Hall: Certain decorations no longer completely disappear upon being replaced, and instead correctly return to the Warehouse.


Zen Market

  • Knox's Adventurer Recruitment Order: The tooltips in the Character Select / Character Creation screen now properly state the new Item Level of 4700.
  • Players who purchased the Knight of the Feywild Pack, Guardian of Neverwinter Pack, and/or Hero of the North Pack can now consistently reclaim the pack contents via the Reward Claims Agent.
  • Shadow Wolf: This mount can now properly and consistently be reclaimed at any time if it had been purchased during the Call to Arms: Pit Fight event.
  • Shadow Wolf: This mount can now be discarded, but as it cannot be reclaimed on the same character, it is not recommended to do so unless the character already has a Shadow Wolf mount in the stable.

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