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Jade Dynasty

Upgrade Your Soulstone With These Items

By Synchroze
Wed 30 Jul 2014 03:30:15 PM PDT


Get more out of your Soulstones by upgrading them with Chi Enhancers and Soul Inverters! These items will give you the extra stats and boosts to help power you through any situation.


Sale End Date: August 6, 2014


We’ve discounted our Soulstone upgrades by 50%, making it easier to get boosts to your Resistances, Skill Accuracy, and more. High-tier Soulstones can give +50 or more to Resistances and other stats!



Soul Inverter

  Soul Inverters will reset and scramble your Soulstone’s stat bonuses, and give you a shot at getting more stat bonuses. Each Soul Inverter is just 0.25 Jaden. Additionally, Soul Inverters come with Wonder Bags, when you buy Inverters in bulk. Trade the Wonder Bag's crystals in for additional rewards!






Chi Enhancer

  The Chi Enhancer is the best way to increase your Soulstone’s level. Each use of a Chi Booster will increase its EXP by 30, and you’ll have a chance at better skills. Chi Boosters are in the marketplace for 0.75 Jaden.







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