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Jade Dynasty

Valentine's Weekend Triple EXP!

By trailturtle
Wed 12 Feb 2014 09:46:17 PM PST


This weekend, get your Esper ready and make sure your schedule's free -- we're going to be having a TRIPLE EXP weekend! Get triple EXP, free giveaways, and the special Fishman Invasion, all part of our Triple Triple Valentine's Day Weekend!


Additionally, we'll be broadcasting codes on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for free stuff! These codes can be redeemed (once per account) for 60 Taichi Pills (for EXP), the Blessing Bag mystery box with a couple of prizes, and a 1-day Level 150 pet.


Triple EXP Starts:
Doom Bog: 10:30pm Thursday
Billows and Wildlands: 1:30am Friday
Shura and Archaia: 7:30am Friday



Fishman Invasion Event:
All Servers: After maintenance completes ~ the next maintenance



The Fishman Invasion event happens in Jadeon, in Lake Hoten — talk to Guard Wenso. You'll be tasked with fighting off an invasion, earning Taichi Pills and Affinity Beads. You'll earn Fishman Cards in Lake Hoten, but you'll need to take them to Secola in Sunstream, outside the gate. He'll trade you Taichi Pills, titles and more.


Total daily rewards, Fishman Invasion:

200x Taichi Pills

400x Affinity Beads

3x Fishman Cards


Valentine's Day Love for TrailTurtle:

Show TrailTurtle some Valentine's Day love by showing him that you love Jade Dynasty! If any of the free codes reach 2,000 redemptions, TrailTurtle will eat three 3x3 burgers from In-N-Out! We will post pictures of this epic challenge to show everyone just how dedicated TrailTurtle is to his players.


Photo credit: russelljsmith


Triple EXP Ends:
Doom Bog: 10:00pm Monday
Billows and Wildlands: 1am Tuesday
Shura and Archaia: 7am Tuesday


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