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Jade Dynasty

Appearance Inheritance

By wamelon
Thu 03 Nov 2016 06:00:00 PM PDT


NEW! Appearance Inheritance!

Seamstress Sayala is ready for business! Do you love a particular look of a fashion or Gear item, and are loathe to part with it for a stronger but not as aesthetically pleasing one? At Seamstress Sayala (366,341) in Sunstream City, you can have her transfer the appearance of fashion items and Gear to other fashion items and Gear. Just bring along the magical Shadow Dragon Shears for every item you transfer, now on sale in the Marketplace for 8 ZEN!

Shadow Dragon Shears

Please note that Seamstress Sayala cannot transfer the appearance of items belonging to different body types, or Gear from different factions. Experiment and see what new and exciting equipment changes you can style!

And if you ever feel like reverting back to your classic look, use the Ice Cocoon Silk, on sale in the Marketplace for 2 ZEN, to recover the appearance of fashion and Gear items that have previously been changed.

Ice Cocoon Silk


NEW! Sky Cycle Codex!

Appearance is not all that can be transferred! This new item can be used to transfer the attributes of various specific Gear at Enchanter Taja. You can:

- Transfer attributes of Overlord Gear to Celestial Gear.

- Transfer attributes of Sturdy Gear to Jadeon Gear.

- Transfer attributes of Wary Gear to Eternity Gear.

- Transfer attributes of Fate Gear of the same Level amongst each other.

Sky Cycle Codex is now for sale at 4 ZEN in the Marketplace!

Sky Cycle Codex


NEW! Ninth Mechanism!

This month's chance pack is full of Double Packs that contain double the item, as well as a bonus Kirin Sigil Shard! Each chance costs 0.50 ZEN.

Prizes include:

Kirin Sigil Double Pack x1*

Yuan Crystal LV9 Double Pack x1*

Fine Seal Orb Double Pack x1*

Sturdy Weapon Ticket x1

Advanced Orb Bead x6

Essential Dragon Orb x100

Jade Box x1

Tiamat Blood x1

Affinity Bead x500

Precious Jade Pack x1

*Double Packs contain double the item, as well as a bonus Kirin Sigil Shard!


In addition to what's new, check out what's for sale this month in the Marketplace as well!

Cyan Jade Card Pack x1 5 Jaden now 3 Jaden

Indigo Petal Card Pack x1 10 Jaden now 6 Jaden

Violet Quartz Card Pack x1 15 Jaden now 9 Jaden

Golden Bead Card Pack x1 29 Jaden now 17 Jaden


Bodhi Seed x1 50 Jaden now 30 Jaden


Revision Charm (Human) x1 20 Jaden now 15 Jaden

Revision Charm (Athan) x1 20 Jaden now 15 Jaden


Jaki Stone x1 30 Jaden now 15 Jaden

Recall Chant x1 10 Jaden now 5 Jaden

Reset Stone x1 8 Jaden now 4 Jaden


Love Wish x1 0.15 Jaden now 0.10 Jaden


Golden Branch of Wishes x1 2 Jaden now 1 Jaden

Charm of Truth x1 1 Jaden now 0.50 Jaden

Flame of Nirvana x1 1 Jaden now 0.50 Jaden



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