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Jade Dynasty

September Sales

By wamelon
Wed 07 Sep 2016 12:30:00 PM PDT

Check out what's new in the Jade Dynasty Marketplace for September!

NEW! Wavewashed Sand! 

This new chance pack has Kirin Sigil and Yuan Crystal LV9 Grand Packs as top prizes. Also included is the Fashion Coupon (New), which you can exchange at the Tree of Wealth in Sunstream City for Glory of Velonus, Bilu's Love, and Sincere Anan Fashion Packs. Finally, the Rainfall Order allows you to summon the God of Rain to your Alliance Base, to be bested for glory and honor!

0.50 Jaden

Prizes include:

Kirin Sigil Grand Pack x1*

Yuan Crystal LV9 Grand Pack x1*

Fashion Coupon (New) x1

Rainfall Order x1

Essential Dragon Orb x100

Jade Box x1

Tiamat Blood x1

Affinity Bead x500

Precious Jade Pack x1

*Grand Packs also contain a bonus Kirin Sigil Shard!


 New-Fallen Snow!

This chance pack contains the rare Drop of Moonlight, which when opened, grants you the exclusive Flying Mount, Onyxhorn Beetle!

0.50 Jaden

Prizes include:

Kirin Sigil Pack x1

Drop of Moonlight x1

Capricorn's Horns x1

Capricorn's Might x1

Celebean x3

Jade Box x1

Precious Jade Pack x1


Onyxhorn Beetle


Vast Void Jade!

This chance pack gives you one out of 4 Badges. It is pricier at 5 Jaden per item.

5 Jaden

Prizes include:

Jotu Badge LV1 x1

Piyo Badge LV1 x1

Whirlwind Badge LV1 x1

Horn Doe Badge LV1 x1


NEW! Windy Gem!

The Seira Esper Gem has finally appeared in the Marketplace! Assimilate this with a Seira or neutral Esper to change its skills to random Seira skills. Has a chance of changing into skills from a higher Tier. Esper Gems are consumed upon Assimilation, and cost 5 Jaden each.

Windy Gem


NEW! Two New Remedies!

Jadeclear Dew holds 25,000,000 Health and Spirit, and costs 14 Jaden. Cannot be Bottled.

Jadeclear Dew


Sacred Heart Pill holds 2,000,000 Vigor, lasts for 1 day, and costs 4 Jaden. Cannot be Bottled.

Sacred Heart Pill


NEW! Grand Thaumaturgy Book!

Exchange this at Instance Master Kui Gon in Sunstream City for a Suos Avatar of any faction. Using a Suos Avatar gives you a random Charm. Costs 0.50 Jaden.

Grand Thaumaturgy Book


NEW! Mystic Tome Items!

Grand Thaumaturgy VI, Overdynamic Casket VI, and Singularity Coherence VI are now for sale in the Marketplace at 1.50 Jaden each!

Grand Thaumaturgy VI, Overdynamic Casket VI, Singularity Coherence VI


Finally, check out what's been newly discounted in the Marketplace for September!

Bronze Sigil x1 3.50 Jaden
now 1.75 Jaden

Bronze Sigil x6 20 Jaden
now 10 Jaden


Yuan Crystal LV9 x1 
60 Jaden now 50 Jaden


Perfect Tawen Gem x1 1.50 Jaden
now 0.75 Jaden

Perfect Tawen Gem x11 15 Jaden
now 7.50 Jaden


Evolution Jade x1 10 Jaden
now 5 Jaden


Makeover Box x1 2 Jaden
now 1 Jaden



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