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Champions Online

April Reward: Squirrel Tail!

By trailturtle
Wed 01 Apr 2015 09:18:22 PM PDT


The April Bonus for Gold Subscribers is here, heroes: the Squirrel Tail costume piece! This awesome bonus is available starting on April 1st, but will only be available until April 30th!

This is a bonus perk for subscribers only, as an addition to freeform power selection and all the other benefits of being a Champions Online Gold Member. You'll be able to claim them from a new NPC in the Renaissance Center, the Gold Bonus Vendor. (Want to learn about becoming a Gold member? Read more here.)


If you've got a fur-clad crime-fighter, this tail is a must. This costume piece comes in both a basic and skunk stripe pattern. This is only available to Gold Members, and is only claimable during the calendar month, from the first of the month until the end of the month. These releases are extra-special, because after they rotate out, they're gone for good!


If you absolutely gotta have a costume piece in our backlog, though, get yourself a Lifetime Subscription. In addition to getting all the benefits of subscribing, you'll be able to access a Lifetime-only backlog at the Gold Bonus Vendor NPC, where you can get all the Gold Bonus costume pieces we've released. Make sure to sign up for a Lifetime Subscription.


This will only be available for subscribers until April 30th, so make sure your subscription is up to date, heroes!

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