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Champions Online

Release Notes, March 27th

By trailturtle
Thu 27 Mar 2014 02:28:53 AM PDT

Release notes for 3/27.

FoxbatCon (April Event)

This year, Millennium City is hosting FoxbatCon, the world's premier Foxbat-themed Superhero convention! Come down to Renaissance Center and meet the stars of the 1960s Foxbat TV show. Special Guest of Honor: Foxbat himself! (If anyone knows the current whereabouts of Foxbat, please contact the information desk immediately.)

*During this event, defeated enemies will sometimes drop FoxbatCon Swag Bags which contain fun prizes. Look for missions from Defender and from Mayor Biselle on the stage.

"Foxbat: The Movie" Lockbox

Defeated enemies now drop the “Foxbat: The Movie” lockbox. Potential prizes include the Skyfox vehicle and the 90s Foxbat costume set.


The Toy Master's store has been updated to the newer tabbed-style stores to make it more readable.

The Costume Quartermaster has been removed, as he no longer serves a useful purpose.

Fire And Ice

Frosticus can now reach out to 100 feet with his Frozen Dagger attack.


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