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Champions Online

Release Notes 03/06/14

By DwightMC
Wed 05 Mar 2014 07:07:14 PM PST

Release notes for patch going live on 03/06/14:


  • Sky Carrier now rewards Questionite, tokens, and rare loot in the main drop. Smaller loot drops for saving specific engines contain mods or recognition.
  • Fire and Ice: Everyone now gets scoreboard credit, regardless of who you attack or don't attack.
  • UNTIL Liaison Bradley no longer offers a personal mission to play Sky Carrier.


  • The capes from the Archer costume set now work with Cape Glide. If you were wearing one before this patch, it will be missing the cloth part until you next visit the tailor.
  • The Robot Samurai's Bow Ends are now available in all categories.


  • Chat bubbles now have a bit more padding.
  • The "website" button on the login screen was opening the wrong page. Fixed.
  • The calendar has been adjusted for daylight saving time. This will look odd until DST actually kicks in.

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