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Blacklight: Retribution

Blacklight: Retribution Parity Celebration

By thenamesdomino
Mon 20 Jul 2015 12:23:24 PM PDT

My Fellow Agents,

It has been a long time coming but the Parity Patch is finally here. After months of hard work, we are finally ready to celebrate the game that each and every one of us knows and loves. In just a few short days, the servers will be brought down and we will enter an exciting new era in Blacklight: Retribution!

In honor of the Parity Patch, we’re celebrating with a couple of events that will net EVERYONE a little something special!

Spread The Word!

To really kick this celebration off the right way, we need you to Spread the Word!

Starting on Monday 7/20/15 and running until 8/3/15 join us on Twitter and Facebook to share with us what you love the most about Blacklight: Retribution! The more people we can get to share stories and spread the word, the more prizes everyone will win!


The way this works is simple:

On Twitter, using the Hashtag #BlacklightSoonIsNow, Tweet to @PlayBlacklight and tell us in 140 characters or less what makes Blacklight: Retribution special to you!

On Facebook, Comment, Share, and Like our special post; be sure to include the hashtag #BlacklightSoonIsNow

The more players who spread the word, the greater the reward for all!

At 100 retweets, 100 comments, 100 Shares or 100 likes, we will be unlocking XP and GP bonuses in game on the PC and PS4 for a special weekend of celebration!


At 300 retweets, 300 comments, 300 shares or 300 likes, we will release a code redeemable for players on PC and PS4 for a Special Temporary Frag Grenade effect!


At 500 retweets, 500 comments, 500 shares, or 500 likes, we will release a code redeemable for players on PC and PS4 for a Permanent Powder Puff Camo!


At 1000 retweets, 1000 comments, 1000 shares or 1000 likes, we will release a code redeemable for players on PC and PS4 for a 7 day rental of the Nor’ Easter!


At 3000 retweets, 3000 comments, 3000 shares or 3000 likes, we will release a code redeemable for players on PC and PS4 for the “Gift of Gab” Title!


Tier 6: Boss Fight Engage! STATUS:UNLOCKED!!!
At 10000 retweets, 10000 comments, 10000 shares or 10000 likes, we will release a code redeemable for players on PC and PS4 for the White Knight


We have been truly humbled by the out pouring of love and support from you guys! Keep spreading the word, let's let the whole world know just how amazing Blacklight: Retribution really is!

You guys not only surpassed all the tiers... You DESTROYED them! We are seriously at a loss for words. Thank you so much for all the love you gus. Stay tuned after the patch is released! Many MANY prizes are coming your way.


Community Creativity Showcase!

Our community houses some of the most amazing people on the planet, and it’s about time we show the world just how creative and talented we are!

Starting on Monday 7/20/15 and running to 8/3/15 send us your best, most creative Blacklight: Retribution Fan Art and show the world just how amazing our community really is!

This is your opportunity to shine and walk away with some cool prizes in the process!


The rules for this showcase are simple!

  • Showcase your best original artwork celebrating Blacklight: Retribution, Hardsuit Labs, Perfect World or all 3!
  • Artwork from all disciplines will be accepted
  • All artwork must be no more than a PG-13 level
  • Entries may be submitted on the PS4 or PC forums
  • You may enter as many pieces as you would like!
  • You may collaborate with other players on your submission!


While the showcase is going on, we will be looking through the entries that are submitted, each day we’ll pick out a few outstanding pieces and those lucky players will receive a Special Camo! If you have a piece that really floors us, you will win a unique In-Game Title! All chosen pieces will be displayed on our Facebook, Twitter and Forum Pages.


Even if we don’t choose your piece to win, you still might have a chance to walk away with something pretty cool! If we can get 100 unique submissions on BOTH the PS4 and PC forums we will be releasing a code for everyone on PC and PS4 redeemable for a New “Blacklight Snowflake Weapon Tag”! Deep down we are all beautiful, unique snowflakes, so start submitting your entries today!


If you wish to submit entries on the PC Forums, Go Here.

If you wish to submit entries on the PS4 Forums, Go Here.


The time to celebrate and revel is upon us! Soon is now!


Domino & LordALF


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