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Blacklight: Retribution

Player Spotlight! – Itsyboom!

By DwightMC
Thu 13 Feb 2014 03:21:00 PM PST

Here at Blacklight headquarters, we value our player community, and all the effort you put into not only playing our game, but growing our community and reaching out to other players. In honor of you, our agents, we are proud to bring you a new Player Spotlight. This week, we introduce you to a fellow agent, Itsyboom!

Community Questionaire

1. How long have you played Blacklight?

I started during Christmas break last year, so I’ve been playing just over a year.

2. What’s your favorite weapon/why?

Proxy mines make great frisbees. My favorite gun is Lilith’s Tactical SMG, so I’ve built one as close as I can get to it as possible for my agent. It has a high rate of fire and I really like how it sounds. For really small maps, I also play with an AK470 because I love to rush up to people and it does SO much damage.

3. What’s your favorite game mode/why?

KOTH- King of the Hill is my very favorite because it encourages the team-based objective play and I find it really fun when we all work together to succeed.  Strangely, I also enjoy DM-DeathMatch because you can hear everyone in the server and this creates a lot of fun competitive banter.

4. What’s your favorite map/why?

Metro is my favorite, but I’m really enjoying the new Slumlord map too. I don’t like maps with snipers and so those tight little maps are a lot of fun for my rush rush rush play style.

5. What games do you play when you’re NOT owning in Blacklight?

Right now, my other main game is Battlefield 4.  I also play Starbound and Minecraft with my kids.

6. When future humans uncover videos of the ancient Blacklight: Retribution, the religion that apparently spanned the globe, what will you be best known for?

I declare depo-humping for health and sniper camping to be blasphemous sins.

7. You are the leader of NICE clan, can you tell us a little bit about its’ inception and what do you see planned for your clan in the future?

My husband and friends started me in Blacklight and then immediately abandoned me for an MMO. I fell in love with Blacklight and started a clan with the noobs who loved to machete me in the head.  Over the past year, my clanmates have become really good friends and I hope that some day we can do something creative together like make our own game.

8. One thing that not too many people may know about you is that on a few occasions, you’ve organized a few community get- togethers with some of the players. Tell us a little bit about that.

A handful of clanmates met in a restaurant for our first meet-up.  Later, I had some over to my house to play with my Oculus Rift and get some serious Cards Against Humanity Gaming time in.  I’d love to see some more Blacklight community meet ups happening around the globe in the future.

9. How do you feel about the direction in which our community is growing?

I am pleased with the cooperative and fun competitive environment this community has developed. I think if Blacklight can continue to generate excitement through new content and competition that this community will experience more growth.

10. Our Community is predominantly populated by men; as a woman, you have a unique opportunity to look at the other side of the coin as it were. Did you have to face any special challenges when first starting out and trying to make a name for yourself?

I’m not interested in making a name for myself, I merely talked and made friends as I gamed. I found that once I started talking, I wasn’t the only woman playing- others were more comfortable talking and that was a lot of fun. Blacklight deserves kudos for being accessible to women with female agent models. It is surprising that women are still are fighting to have their gender included in other triple A budget FPS games.

11. You’ve been hailed by some in the community as “The Mother of Blacklight”. I find that term endearing, how do you feel knowing that the community looks to you as a guiding figure, someone who they can turn to when times get a little rough?

For me, the friendship goes both ways, as I have received a lot of encouragement and support from the good people I have met in the Blacklight community. At times, I’ve been puzzled that my own clan hasn’t come to call me Mom, but a clanmate once explained this to me as, “We are good friends. You are way too sexy to be our Mama.”

12. Blacklight is a pretty intense game played by people of all ages. As a mom, do you let your kids play yet? How do you feel about this ongoing debate about parental guidance and restrictions?

I have found Blacklight to be accessible to my own children because I could shut off the gore animation in the settings. My kids only play a little and are closely supervised by myself and people I trust.  As a general parenting philosophy, I believe that I can’t hide my children from the world, I can only teach them how to deal with it.  I am really pleased with the high level of compliance by game publishers with the ESRB, and I believe strongly that it is up to parents to make intelligent and informed decisions for their kids according to their own development levels.

13. You were one of the people responsible for assisting the BCL in their early stages of development, what role did you play in its’ development and how do you feel about its’ new found growth?

My husband and I contributed development time, planning and a little funding to help the Blacklight Community League’s founder, Jason, get off the ground for the first tournament. I am a very casual and social player, but I believe that having a competitive side is key to the sustained lifecycle of any first person shooter and I really wanted to see the Blacklight community continue to grow. Jason, Cass, Aita and the many volunteers have done an incredible job to sustain the BCL.  I really enjoy how the community lights up in a competitive fire for each tournament and appreciate the terrific positive sportsmanship that has come out of it.

14. Are there any gaming tips that you might be able to share with new players who might be playing BL:R for the very first time?

I recommend sticking to the 1-10 level servers at the start. It can be very disheartening for a newbie to get stomped by the max level players in a public match. Also, the starter assault rifle is actually really good and shouldn’t be underestimated. 

15. Alright now that we’ve gotten these formalities out of the way the BIG question on everyone’s mind is if you could have any super power, what power would it be and why?

I wish I could spin in a circle and change my outfit like Wonder Woman.  Bullet-proof bracelets are on my secret super power wishlist also.


Thanks for reading up on our latest Player Spotlight, join us next week for more, and watch out in game for your chance to become our next Spotlight Player!


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