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Battle of the Immortals

Illusionist’s Reckoning Preview: Harbor Town

By Atlantis
Tue 09 Feb 2016 07:09:00 PM PST

In the upcoming Battle of the Immortals expansion, Illusionist's Reckoning, we have a new Manor housing system called Harbor Town! You can build your own house, grow your own crops, and create lots of fun items here.


Harbor Town

Own your own house!

Grow your own crops!


Obtaining a Manor:

Players above Level 60 now have the chance to obtain the item "Manor Residence" from daily events. Use the Manor Residence to obtain the authorization to live in a Manor.

After obtaining the authorization, talk to the Manor Mayor in the main Town, and you will be asked to choose the Manor you want to live in. Every Town has a capacity of 24 Manors. You will be able to choose your plot of land, your house, and even your neighborhood!

Once you are in a Town, talk to the Town Mayor for all of the tasks will you need to do before checking in!

Manor Mayor


Manor Gardening:

After choosing a Manor, the first task you want to be doing is gardening!

Manor Field

Click the PLANT button on the main interface to start gardening. Plant different plants and harvest them when they are fully mature. If you are lucky, you might acquire up to 6x rewards from one harvest.

Every plant has a different maturity timer. The harvested produce can be sold to the Repository in exchange for Homestead Points, or be sold to the merchants in the center of the Town in exchange for Homestead EXP. In addition, some special harvests might even provide energy for your Astrology Tower! Most importantly, you can even grow a Money Tree that generates Gems and Salaries every day.


Manor Workshop:

The most efficient way to utilize your plants is to use them for crafting in the Workshop. The variety of items you can craft is vast and wide. The crafted goods can either be sold to the Repository for Homestead Points, or be sold to the Merchants in the center of the Town for Homestead EXP. Note that some can even be used to gain Player EXP.

In near future, we will develop a feature where the Mysterious Merchant will come to purchase the production of your Workshop.


Manor Decoration:

Decorate your Manor to make it unique! The Decorations you place will always be there for your enjoyment. Click the Decoration button on the main interface to start decorating.

We've implemented 40 Decoration Items so far, and we will be constantly updating with new Decorations in future.

Town Decorations


Manor Upgrade:

If the smallish Decorations don’t satisfy you, then perhaps a huge revamp of the exterior of your Manor would be a better idea! When you have a high enough Homestead Level, you can spend Homestead Points or ZEN to purchase a permanent skin for your Manor. We have implemented a variety of Manor skins for you to choose from.


Astrology Tower:

To unlock the Astrology Tower, your Manor must be unlocked and at Level 3.


What Does the Astrology Tower Do?

Players can spend items in the Astrology Tower to draw power from the stars, increasing some of their attributes in the process. For now, the maximum level of the Astrology Tower is Level 20. The Astrology Tower provides further enhancements for high-level attributes.


How to Upgrade the Astrology Tower

The level of the Astrology Readings you can perform will be dependent on the level of your Astrology Tower. In addition, the level cap of Astrology Tower is limited by your Manor Level, so make sure you raise your Manor Level first.


Upgrading the Astrology Tower

You will need to spend some Manor Levels and some Manor Points to upgrade your Astrology Tower. The text highlighted by the red box is the Required Manor Level and Current Manor Level. The text highlighted by the yellow box is the Required Manor Points and Current Manor Points. If all upgrade conditions are met, click the "Upgrade" button to proceed with the upgrade.


How to Perform an Astrology Reading:

Each Constellation provides a unique bonus to your attributes. You can view the details by selecting the Constellation you want. The text highlighted by the red box is the description of the effect of the current Astrology Reading. The text highlighted by the yellow box is the description of the effect of the next level’s Astrology Reading. More Astrology Levels equate to more attribute bonuses.


Astrology Attribute Preview


Performing an Astrology Reading requires Materials, Astropower, and coins. The text highlighted by the red box are Required Materials. The text highlighted by the yellow box are required Level, Astropower, and required coins. Spend these items to perform an Astrology Reading.

As to the effects of some Astrology Readings. Discover more on your own!



We will be previewing even more new content the days to come! You can find the latest information about the new class in this expansion, Illusionist, here:



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