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Battle of the Immortals

BOI Anniversary is HERE!

By Bunagi
Fri 24 Apr 2015 01:15:32 AM PDT


The BOI Anniversary is HERE!

Time to par-tay! 

Spring has finally come, and with it, so has BOI's birthday - we're a whopping five years old now! Crazy, right?         

We've had fun, laughs, and great times with you all over the past five years. Now, as ever, we truly appreciate your support, and all you've done for us! 

To celebrate BOI's big 5-year anniversary, we've prepared a couple of special events. Hope you enjoy them! Here's to 5 years of BOI, and hopefully many, many more!   

Anniversary Event-I 

Level requirement: None

Event realm: 6

Event date: 4/30-5/30

Event map: Sea of Atlantis

Event NPC locations: (Sea of Atlantis, 110, 202);  (Sea of Atlantis, 117, 202)

Event time: All day - event-required materials drop from monsters throughout the event;  Event rewards spawn starting at 20:15 every day

Event related items: Required material - Yin, Yang; Event reward - Prophetic Fate Card

Event content:         

From April 30th to May 30th, the Undeed Lord Mour in the daily event Fallen Darkness will drop the event item Yin, and the final Boss, Dragon, in the daily event Dragon Island will start to drop the event item Yang.

Players can donate Yin and Yang to event NPCs in the Sea of Atlantis at (110,202) and (117,202).

Once a certain amount of Yin and Yang in a server has been donated, gift boxes will be spawned in the Sea of Atlantis at 20:30 every Saturday during the event.

Players can get Prophetic Fate Cards from the gift boxes. Check out your Fate Cards to see what goodies you'll receive!

100 Yin+Yang donated for a server = 200 gift boxes spawned in Sea of Atlantis

160 Yin+Yang donated for a server = 300 gift boxes spawned in Sea of Atlantis

200 Yin+Yang donated for a server = 400 gift boxes spawned in Sea of Atlantis


Anniversary Event II
Wall of the Oracle

Level requirement: LV 45+

Event realm: 6

Event date: 4/30-5/30

Event map: Atlantis

Event NPC location: (Atlantis, 163, 156)

Event time: All day

Event related items: Scroll of the Oracle

Event content:         

From April 30th to May 30th, the Wall of the Oracle will appear in Atlantis (163, 156). Go to the Wall and make a wish for 100,000 coins each; in return, you'll get a Scroll of the Oracle. Click on the scroll to get various gifts! And after you make a wish, your name may appear on the Wall for all to see!    

At 00:00 on the second day, after you've wished on the Wall, up to 10 players will be chosen as the Lucky Ones, who will receive extra gifts via in-game mail. The mail, together with the system annoucements, will be delivered to players starting at 00:25 am that day. The names of Lucky Ones will be broadcast one by one every hour after 00:25. 




Register and play for free in Battle of the Immortals, Fight alongside Odin and other mythological figures to stop Ragnarok in this 2.5D MMORPG. Play as six different classes in an epic storyline with fully animated gear sets and powerful combat pets! Want more game details, screens, and videos? Like Battle of the Immortals on Facebook for more fan-exclusive content! Plus, subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest Battle of the Immortals videos.

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