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Battle of the Immortals

Bonus Rewards & Raffle

By Bunagi
Tue 09 Dec 2014 08:00:00 PM PST

Spend Zen to earn Gem Chests, a mount, and more! Plus, enter into a raffle for a random Mimic Pet!

Start Date: Tuesday, December 9, 2014 7:00PM PST
End Date: Sunday, December 14, 2014 11:59PM PST 

For a limited time, you can earn rewards by spending the Zen you already have! Of course, you can charge more Zen if you'd like, but the goal is to spend your Zen from now until the weekend. At the end of the promotion, we'll check our records and send the items to your highest level character on your account. The prizes will be distributed by early January the latest.

As you spend more Zen, you'll unlock more tiers of rewards. The Gem Chests offer an assortment of gems that will help you upgrade your gear. The final reward tier is a Flame Kirin mount!

Reward Tiers:

  • 2000 Zen: Gem Chest Lv5
  • 5000 Zen: Gem Chest Lv6
  • 7500 Zen: Gem of Hel LV6
  • 10000 Zen: Flame Kirin

Rewards do not stack; if you unlock the 2nd tier reward, you will not receive the 1st tier reward and so forth.

As for the raffle, purchase a Christmas Joy Pack to enter for a [Miracle Pet Egg] Mimic (this egg will give a random mimic pet). Each purchase will give you 1 entry to the raffle. The more you purchase, the more entries you get into the raffle and the higher your chances are to win! Ten lucky people will win this pet egg! 

blowthis - Abyss
Zarkytoya - Atlantis
Blixy - Poseidon
RoyaleOracle - Abyss
Edowaadok - Gemini
Valtic - Abyss
UndeadGrogn - Abyss
Kollos - Gemini
vishnu_PT - Aquarius
Night_Wish - Aquarius




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