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Battle of the Immortals

New Server & Patch Notes

By frankieraye
Tue 18 May 2010 05:38:30 PM PDT

New East Coast server open!


New Server – Poseidon (US-EAST)

Due to the high demand and ever growing population of Battle of the Immortals, we are pleased to announce the launch of our fourth server: Poseidon! This server is located in the US East coast and the time is currently set to Eastern Daylight Time (GMT – 4). If you are brand new to the game, or just looking for a fresh start with some new friends, this is the place to be!

Note: If you do not see the server, please exit the game, double click the launcher, select the “East” region, and select start.

Patch Notes 5170
Released May 18, 2010


  • Fixed issue with Level 75 Soul Gear not being tradable.
  • Profanity Filter – Fixed the profanity filter for Character Name, Chat, Pet Name, Party Name.
  • Increased the drop rate for level 45 Soul Gear


  • Aquarius Card – No longer drops during incorrect date.
  • Energy Potions – Removed/replaced all energy potions from NPC stores and quest rewards.

User Interface

  • Chronicles window – Fixed issue with Scenario Score cut off.


  • Removed Energy Potions from the Marketplace.
  • Fixed issue with Oath of Love using the same text as Warcry Trumpet.
  • Gold Trade – Changed to ZEN Trade.
  • Lowered prices for Terrorwheel and Mechabeast.
  • Removed duplicate Stardust Catalyst in Fortify.
  • Changed the scrolling announcement at top of the Marketplace window.
  • Changed Resume to Reset.
  • Permanently added the BOI Kart to the Marketplace.

General Text / Localization

  • Fixed issue with line breaks appearing as strange boxes.
  • Character Selection Screen – TBD|Promotion Info changed to [Enter Inductor ID Here].
  • Unlock Pet Skill Slot Menu – Fixed text cutoff / color tag.
  • Charge Reward – Fixed text cutoff / color tag.
  • Guild – Fixed PvP system message and Invite message.
  • Leon – Fixed Upgrade Gears and Smelt Soul window.
  • Safety Lock – Fixed various text and localization.
  • Preece – Fixed chat option text.
  • Oalid – Fixed various dialogue localization.
  • Wizardry Gnome – Fixed name when ready to be caught.
  • Pet Skills – Fixed line breaks in Advanced Retaliate, Advanced Blizzard, Advanced Flamestrike.


  • Growth Aid – Fixed text cut off after reaching levels 10, 20, etc.
  • Taurus Card – Fixed description change in reference to Starwish Charms
  • Beginner’s Mega pack LV6 – Description changed to reflect removal of Energy Potion.
  • Guild Skills – Fixed various Guild Skill text and localization.
  • Relics – Fixed various text inconsistencies with the Relic feature and the Relic Introduction book.
  • Protection Settings – Fixed various localization for this feature.
  • Soul Gear – Fixed various errors with the item names.
  • Constellation Faith Stamp – Fixed item description.
  • Apostle of Osiris Potion – Fixed item description.
  • Fresh Flowers – Fixed tooltips for x6, x66 and x99 versions.
  • Advanced Fortify – Fixed wrong pet skill type description.
  • Windrider’s Harp – Name changed to Harp of the Unicorn. Updated item description.
  • Pet Skill Slot window – Fixed description to properly refer to Universe Emblem.
  • Innacus – Charge Reward – Fixed various localization.
  • Events Tab – Fixed inconsistencies with Rainbow Island
  • Opera Cosutme – Fixed item description.


  • Rogris – Fixed hello text.
  • LV2 Gem Polisher – Item description change.
  • LV8 Gem Polisher – Item description change.
  • Skills – Fixed various localization on tooltips for all classes.
  • Warning of Wisdom – Fixed Event name
  • Specter Island – Fixed various localization associated with the dungeon. Fixed Elite pass description.
  • Grand Rift – Fixed various NPC and quest localization.
  • Cave of Haze – Fixed name for Auto Route to Magic Pillar.
  • Defend Energy Well – Fixed various NPC and quest dialogue localization.
  • Scenario Khufu Desert – Fixed various quest localization.
  • Hexagram Array – Fixed various NPC, quest, and system message text.


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