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Battle of the Immortals

Patch Notes for 6/22/2010

By CrabClaw
Tue 22 Jun 2010 05:59:20 PM PDT


See below for patch notes

 Starting today, the new Gemini server will be available to start new characters on!  This server will be physically located in the EU region, so if you're from that area and want the best connection speed, you may want to play on this server.  Additionally, the Aquarius server will also be physically relocated to the EU region.  Now then, on to the patch notes!


Patch notes for 6/22/2010



Gaya – Aquarius and Capricorn cards now able to be purchased

Daily Free Food – Now in allotments of 200 instead of 60, expiration date extended to 48 hours, no longer stacks with other free food

Zodiac Cards – Expiration date removed

Zodiac Pet Eggs – Egg name changed from “Ancient Pet Egg” to “Zodiac Pet”

Recipes – Energy Potion recipes removed

Combat Aid – Combat Aid removed from special skills tab


User Interface

Pet Lock – Confirmation window added for locking and unlocking

Crafting – Icons realigned



Advanced health Transfer – skill functionality fixed

Pet Skills - Attack, Passive, and Offensive pet skills have had their tooltips revised for consistency

Pet Skills – Pet text for Advanced Intellect revised

Pet Skills – Advanced Vitalize has had effect description revised

Pet Skills – Numerous pet skills have had their names relocalized

Player Skills – Several skills have had their descriptions revise



Rage Axe – Removed (soul) text, replaced with (set)

Gem Talismans – Item Tooltips rewritten for clarity

Essence of Void – Tooltip revised to indicate that bonus is random

Soul Insignia Charms – Tooltip revised for clarity of item’s effect and how to use

Marketplace Items – All mount gems, regular and medium pet fortification stones, Universe Emblems, and Starwish Charms have had their tooltips revised to indicate the random chance associated with these items

Pet Item – Advanced Rebirth Stone tooltip revised for clarity

Stardust – Life Stardust name changed to Stardust of HP

Stardust – Cube Insignia Wand name changed to Square Insignia Wand

Stardust – Tooltip updated to indicate chance of failure when using Diamond and Triangle wands

Stardust – Stardust Merge changed to Meld Stardust

Hairstyles – Description fixed to include coin cost


Dungeons and Events

Dragon’s Blood Event – Event text corrected to indicate that it becomes available at level 30, not 20

Dragon’s Blood Event – Several instances of quest text revised

Dragon’s Blood Event – Tiros’ text options and resulting outcomes revised

Event Descriptions – Numerous events have had their descriptions revised for clarity

Event entrances – “Hello” text revised for many instances and events

Event NPC text – Many intractable objects or NPC’s in events have had their text revised

Dragon Island – Many instances of battle text revised

Dragon Island – Entrance to Dragon Island has had event description revised



Khufu Desert Depths – Level 86 and 87 scenario quests has had text revised for clarity

Master and Disciple – Entire quest line completely relocalized



Fortification – Message correctly displays if player has insufficient coins to fortify

Pet Lock – English text displays correctly

Johnny – “Actuate Halation” text changed to “Activate Glow”, text added to indicate that no bonus is given beyond the glow effect

Fortification – Items Sealed Array, Seal Matrix, and Best Charm of Persistence have changed names to Persistence of the Sun, Persistence of the Moon, and Persistence of the Earth

Notification – Warning for breaking maximum coin limit revised for clarity

Notification – Hover text for maximum coin capacity per level revised for clarity

Khufu Desert Depths – Various NPC text revisions

NPC Chat – Numerous NPC’s have had their “Hello” text revised

Bermuda Islands – Several NPC’s have had their “Hello” text revised

Marketplace Items – Gem Polishers , Fortify Charms, Stardust Catalyst, Stardust Charm, Major Fortify Crystal, and Deluxe Purse have had item descriptions revised for clarity

Soul Jade – Refine window text changed for clarity



Fort Glacier – Dwarf Bomb and Mending Material have had item text revised

Fort Glacier – System messages revised

Frozen Battlefield – Glacier Battlefield Supplier “Hello” text revised

Territory Wars – Frozen Crystal and voting phase system announcement revised

Territory Wars – Freeze Bomb item description changed

Territory Wars – Icefield Moss name changed to Icemoss

Territory Wars – Entry system message text changed, NPC Titiuth’s text changed

Glacier City – NPC and quest text revised

Mercuriffy – Battleground options revised for clarity

Battlegrounds – Death window has undergone revisions

Frozen Plain - Frozenland/Icefield Crystals name changed to Ice Tokens

Ancient Ruins Battleground – Cutoff on team scores removed, full score displays correctly now

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