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Battle of the Immortals

The Power of the Cosmos System

By Synchroze
Tue 14 Aug 2012 10:00:50 PM PDT

Cosmos System in Battle of the Immortals

Heres an introduction into the Cosmos System and how to utilize this powerful system.


Cosmos Introduction


The Cosmos is a new system introduced in the Guardians of Fate expansion. It consists of a skill chart, unique to each class, which can be upgraded in various ways to give significant boosts to your character.




Activating the Cosmos

To open the Cosmos, you must have first reached Meso Demigod status and be at least LV110. When these conditions are met, the quest Cosmos Power will appear. Once this quest is completed, the Cosmos will be unlocked.


About Cosmos Skills

The Cosmos is arranged as interconnected skills in the Cosmos window. There are 24 skills total, with a slightly different selection for each class. There are several types of skills available; some give permanent buffs, some improve specific class skills, and some improve the buffs granted by certain types of gems. Each class also has one active Cosmos Skill, which is unique to that class. Click on a skill in the Cosmos window to see a detailed description of its effects at each level.



Activating Cosmos Skills

There are two requirements for activating a Cosmos Skill. Mouse over a skill to view its requirements.

  • First, the Cosmos Level must be high enough for the skill; upgrading the cosmos requires Deity and EXP. The closer a skill is to the edge of the grid, the higher its Cosmos level requirement will be.
  • Second, the skill must be connected to an already-activated skill by one of the lines on the chart. The only exceptions are the two LV1 skills in the center, which are "start points" that can always be activated.


Skills that can be activated are highlighted in green. Activating a skill costs 1 Cosmos Point, plus a certain amount of EXP, Deity, and Coins.


Upgrading Cosmos Skills

When a Cosmos Skill is first activated, it is at LV 0. The level of the skill can be increased by embedding an Asteroid. The quality of the asteroid determines the level of the skill: Common Asteroids upgrade to LV1, Fine Asteroids upgrade to LV2, Flawless Asteroids upgrade to LV3, and Perfect Asteroids upgrade to LV4. Higher-level skills have greater effects. Click on a skill to view the effect at each level.
To embed an Asteroid in a skill, click on the skill in the Cosmos window to select it, right-click on the asteroid in your bag, then click the Embed button in the Cosmos window. Embedding an Asteroid will consume Coins. Asteroids can also be removed from a skill to embed in another or to upgrade it; simply select the skill and click the Remove button. Removing an Asteroid does not consume Coins.


Daily Quest: Copernicus' Troubles

This quest can be done once daily, and rewards one Cosmos Point each time it is completed. The quest is received from the Astrolabe in the Sea of Atlantis, and requires you to recharge the Astrolabe's energy core by killing specific monsters in Olympus. Once it has been charged, speak to Copernicus to activate it, then return to the Astrolabe to complete the quest.


Related Items: Asteroids

Asteroids are Gems used to upgrade individual Cosmos skills. There are four types of Asteroids: Common, Fine, Flawless, and Perfect in ascending order. The higher the Asteroid quality, the greater boost it will give the skill it upgrades. Asteroids can be purchased in the Marketplace or transmuting Gems.



Asteroid Transmute Charms can be used to turn LV4-LV8 Gems into Asteroids. LV4, 5, 6, and 7 Gems will transmute into Common, Fine, Flawless, and Perfect Asteroids respectively, while a LV8 Gem will transmute into 4 Perfect Asteroids. Transmute Charms can be purchased in the Marketplace.



Asteroid Synthesis Charms can be used to combine 5 Asteroids of the same level into 1 Asteroid of the next level. For example, 5 Common Asteroids will combine into 1 Fine Asteroid. Synthesis Charms can be purchased in the Marketplace.




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