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Battle of the Immortals

Early Black Friday Sale - Fashion, Fortification, Mounts, and More!

By Synchroze
Wed 21 Nov 2012 03:03:34 PM PST


Don't wait until Friday to enjoy these amazing Black Friday deals!


Sale Start Date: Tuesday November 20, 2012
Sale End Date: Tuesday November 27, 2012


Take a look at what we have discounted during this Thanksgiving holiday.


At the top of the list of items with slashed prices are the ever sought after Blessing of Hades boxes! 
Remember that these boxes are the only source of the coveted Wings of Hades backgear. 
If you ever had your eyes on those huge flapping wings, now is definitely the time to pull the trigger!


Hades Fashion Male, Scorpio, Combat Pet, Character Outfit


Original price: 
75 ZEN
Sale price: 
40 ZEN


No Black Friday sale would be complete without slashing the price on the popular Blessing of the Orpheus box. 
This box is an excellent source of all sorts of useful things, with everything ranging from fortify crystals to super exclusive wings and fashion!



Orpheus Fashion Female, Character Outfit Orpheus Fashion Male, Character Outfit

Original Price: 
75 ZEN

 Sale price: 
35 ZEN



If you're looking for a great deal for fortification products look no further. F-Protect +6 - +7 and Glow of Athena are on sale at 40% off the usual price. Start fortifying your gear or transfer your upgrades to another set gear item.


F-Protects, Fortification Items, Gear Upgrades


And finally for the mount department. The Terror Wheel is an iconic mount in Battle of the Immortals. This mount, when fully upgraded, is built to be tough to withstand the rigorous terrain of Motenia. Also on sale are the Common and Elite Mount Gem Packs.


Terror Wheel, Mount, Limited Time Sale


Original Price: 
1500 ZEN
Sale price: 
1000 ZEN


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