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Battle of the Immortals

Spend Your Zen and Earn FREE Items!

By Synchroze
Thu 03 Oct 2013 10:50:01 AM PDT


Spend your Zen and receive complimentary items just for buying stuff from the Marketplace!


Promo Start Date: Thursday October 3, 2013 10AM PDT
Promo End Date: Sunday October 6, 2013 11:59PM PDT



For every 500 ZEN your character SPENDS 
in the BoI Market Place, we'll send you a Violent Tremor chance box! That's right! We're sending you a Violent Tremor chance box for every 500 Zen your character spends in the Marketplace!!!


Note: The character that spends the 500 Zen will be the one that receives the chance box. There's no limit to how many Violent Tremor chance boxes you can get.




This offer only applies to purchases made on a single character that is equal to or greater than 500 Zen. If you spend 250 Zen on one character and 250 on another, you will not qualify for this offer. This only applies to purchases made in the BoI Market Place.

Possible items that you can get from Violent Tremor chance box:


Thunder Scorpion
LV4 Gem Chest
LV3 Gem Chest
F-Protect +10
LV2 Gem Talisman Wolfking Karth's Soul
Warcry Trumpet Pack Gem of Hel Fragment
Wonderful Potions Pack Odin's Soul Jade LV4
Stardust Coin
Rainbow Meteor





If you SPEND 20,000 ZEN on ANYTHING 
in the BOI Marketplace, we'll send you the Queen Spider Mount for FREE!!!



The total is calculated from the amount spent on ALL characters on a single server. Please make sure that the character you want the pet on is the one that makes the purchase that breaks the 10,000 Zen threshold!  This offer is limited  to  1 mount 
per server per account.


Check out our current sales going on right now if you want to save and earn rewards on your purchases!


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