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Battle of the Immortals

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BOI - 20% Bonus ZEN + Charge Rewards!

By frankieraye
Fri 16 Sep 2011 03:07:25 PM PDT

Earn bonus Zen for each Zen purchase and apply it to the Charge Rewards program going on right now!Perfect World Entertainment is happy to announce that we are launching a bonus ZEN promo... Read more


PWE - Introducing CORE Connect!

By frankieraye
Tue 21 Sep 2010 06:05:37 PM PDT

Ladies and gentlemen, we here at Perfect World Entertainment are pleased to introduce to you the new, improved, and completely overhauled profile system – CORE Connect!To simply call this new s... Read more

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Gear Fortification Guide

By frankieraye
Wed 02 Jun 2010 09:30:08 PM PDT

Obtaining Soul Gear is only the first step to unlocking the power of your equipment. There are many benefits of fortifying and the most important of which is to increase the stats of your equipm... Read more


Zodiac Pet Guide

By frankieraye
Wed 02 Jun 2010 09:29:49 PM PDT

You’ve seen them around. Zipping by you in Atlantis, dancing round the Astral Feast, demolishing their enemies in Fallen Darkness. Yes, those elusive Zodiac Pets. How can do you get one? Well ... Read more


BOI Patch Notes Version 0527

By frankieraye
Wed 02 Jun 2010 08:11:12 PM PDT

Game updates!Patch Notes Version 0527 Released June 2, 2010Functionality Watch Video Replay feature has been fixed. Purge Equipment/Purge Soul Gear system has been removed as it is not r... Read more

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Boi Blueprints - Gemini Pet

By frankieraye
Wed 02 Jun 2010 08:10:56 PM PDT

Duality conceived..BoI Blueprints – Gemini Zodiac PetEver wondered about how a game is actually designed from start to finish? Want to sneak a peek into the minds of the developers and design... Read more


Pet Skill Guide & Sale

By frankieraye
Tue 18 May 2010 09:53:46 PM PDT

AOE Skill on Sale, and we'll teach you how to use it!Pet Skill GuideThis sale will run from May 19th at 1:00AM until server maintenance next week, currently projected to be happening on May ... Read more


Pimp My Kart Item & Event!

By frankieraye
Tue 18 May 2010 09:52:36 PM PDT

New mount & screen shot contest!You've seen the Terror Wheel, but you weren't impressed. "Too few wheels," you thought to yourself as it sped past you. Luckily for you, we've got ya covered. Int... Read more


In Development - May 14

By frankieraye
Tue 18 May 2010 09:50:25 PM PDT

Ask and you shall receive!Greetings BoI Players,It’s been a crazy couple of weeks let me tell you. Since we’ve opened up our servers and officially launched back on May 4th, we’ve had a flood... Read more

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New Server & Patch Notes

By frankieraye
Tue 18 May 2010 05:38:30 PM PDT

New East Coast server open!New Server – Poseidon (US-EAST)Due to the high demand and ever growing population of Battle of the Immortals, we are pleased to announce the launch of our fourth ser... Read more

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