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Battle of the Immortals

Game Info

Battle of the Immortals is a free-to-play action MMORPG that features an expansive pet system, a mount upgrade system, and six playable classes.


In Motenia there exist many factions, but the ones sworn to keep it safe are the courageous Paladins. These noble soldiers are the representatives of an elite order that can be found all over the world. Their task is to protect and encourage others to do their part to stem the tides of darkness that threatens everyone.


The great city of Atlantis hangs in the balance as its heroes make a stand against the city’s deadliest foe to date. Is this end for the city of Atlantis and the coming of Ragnarok? Find out and see.




Key Features






7 Powerful Heroes


Choose to become one of six powerful immortals: Berzerker, Champion, Heretic, Magus, Slayer, Summoner, and the brand new Marksman!






Unique Soul Gear


Specifically tailored to each class, powerful sets of animated gear grow and change in appearance as players progress and achieve awesome power.



Intricate Pet System


Further customize pets with the new an expansive Pet system and capture virtually any monster found in the game.



Territory Wars


As part of a guild, fight against others for territory and resources. Reach new heights of fame and notoriety.




Upgradable Mounts


Mounts are fully upgradable and change appearance at every level. Each level also unlocks a unique skill.







Challenging Dungeons


Experience a variety of dungeons and earn awesome rewards by defeating powerful bosses.

System Requirements

If the system doesn't meet the requirements of the game, the game will either not run at all or give a less than desirable performance. To ensure a smooth gaming experience, we recommend that you meet the following settings:

Operating System Operating System

Windows® XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, or Windows 7


Intel® Pentium® 4 at 1.5GHz or AMD Athlon 1500+ or new and faster CPU. (Mid to High Range Dual-Core 2.5GHz CPU or better recommended.)


512MB or more of RAM (Vista and Windows 7 require 1GB or more, 2GB+ preferred)

Hard Disk Hard Disk

8GB Free HD Space

Graphic Display Graphic Display

3D video chipset with pixel and vertex shader model 1.3 supported. GeForce 4 Ti4200 64MB or ATI Radeon 8500 64MB or newer for Windows XP. For Windows Vista and 7, a GeForce FX 5200 128MB or ATI Radeon 9500 128MB or newer is needed.

Sound Drivers Sound Drivers

DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card

Network Network

Broadband Internet connection

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