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Gigantic 501: The Maps

By MO Evangelos
Sun 18 Jun 2017 05:01:00 AM PDT




The various battlefields of Gigantic each offer a different take on the fight for Power. You’ll need to learn the nuances of each to achieve victory, as well as know how the battlefields evolve in the final Clash stage of the match.





Once the resting place for ancient, colossal warriors to gather and enjoy a respite from battle, the glade is now a serene grassland where Heroes can hone their skills at their leisure.

  • Try every Hero and skin
  • Practice movement, combat, and summoning creatures in a variety of controlled situations
  • Start at Level 10 to test upgrades and builds for each Hero
  • Offline; no player interaction


The canyon, once an underwater home for a plethora of sea creatures, is now dry and arid. The Tesserus Collective developed a way to harvest the energy of the ghosts left in the canyon, and has used them as a power source.

  • Small arena
  • Capture the Power Orb in the middle of the map to control the power race
  • Work as a team to pressure enemy points


A sandstorm marks the transition to the Clash on the Ghost Reef.

  • New pathways open into the C and D points, increasing sight-lines in the middle of the map
  • Control points remain in the same position as pre-Clash
  • Guardians remain in the same position as pre-Clash


Where others saw a hallowed temple of an ancient people, the Tesserus Collective recognized a potential energy source. The age-old waterworks now provides energy for mechanical golems and war machines along with its breathtaking view.

  • Large arena
  • Two neutral points to contest on either side of the river
  • Long sightlines for ranged heroes
  • Encourages heavy rotations between points


As the Guardians enter the Clash, the reservoir drains into the lower portion of the falls, opening up an entirely new arena.

  • The fight moves to a smaller space above the original battlefield
  • Creatures relocate to new points that are closer together
  • Vertical terrain provides perches for ranged Heroes


Sirens have been luring ships into the glacial island for many years. Much of the island's magic is inherited through the Aurora that can always be seen above the southern half of the beach.

  • Medium-sized arena
  • Single neutral point to contest in the middle of the arena
  • Many choke points and spaces for close-quarters fights


As the Guardians Clash, the ocean waters recede while an avalanche pressures you into the tide flats.

  • The fight moves into a new area around the stern of the decrepit ship
  • Control and protect the D point; many races will come down to who gets the Power Orb from it
  • Harassing the enemy's point is a good way to divide their attention.

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