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Community Guide - Guilds

Von sunnys1deup
Mo 05 Jun 2017 16:12:15 PDT

Guide created by chrizio (Moriarzy - Shang)


Guild Guide

Hello Guys, I'm Moriarzy from Shang. Today i would like to tell you a guide about Guild, which guild is the important thing in Swordsman Online Game,
just read it and enjoy.

What is a Guild? Guilds are places where swordsmen from various colleges unite to form associations to share the information, help each other and the important thing to have fun together.

When your level has reached level 20 you can already join the guild. To build a build you must reach level 35 and have passed the requirements.
A.Guild Types in Swordsman Online consists of 3 types of Guild namely Mercenary Band and Bandit Camp, and Workshop, but here I can only explain 2 types of guild that is Mercrenary Band and Bandit Camp, here we go..
1. Mercenary Band
This type of Guild is perfect for warriors who like peace and maintain security. This Guild type focuses on Escort Convoy,
Ivestigations and Catching Outlaws
2. Bandit Camp
Some are peaceful, some are violent, yep that Bandit Camp is perfect for battle-loving warriors. This Guiild type focuses on
Hijack Mercenaries, Kidnapping and Execution Site Extractions.
B. Guild Level
Guild Level is one of the guild's power symbols, the maximum guild level in Swordsman Online is up to level 9.
C. Branch
Guilds can also open branches in different regions to increase profits while running Guild missions such as hijack and escort missions.
D. Alliance
Here the Guild can build cooperation among guilds or commonly called alliances, so when one needs help guild alliances can help.

To build the guild pretty easy, here the requirements details below
1. Form a party containing at least 4 people.
2. The Chairman and Member shall be 35 or more
3. The Chairman and Members are not incorporated in the guild.
4. The Chairman and Members have a high affection of 150.

Already passed the requirements? Now how to build the guild
# First, Form a Party / grub with at least 4 people.
- The Chairman and members must be 35+
- The Chairman and members are not incorporated in other guilds
- The Chairman and members must have an Affection level of 150
# Second, Go talk to the NPC Guild on
- Fu Giu [Chang Pin]
- Harmony Piedmont [Szetu Haw]
- Luo Yang [Hwan Dezi]
# Third, Talk to him and select the Create Guild function to build a level 0 guild.
# Fourth, Challenge
Talk to Tin Yee or Tin Erl next to npc guild, then finish 5 out of 10 missions then your guild lilies will level 1.
# Last, Build Base
Select the type of guild you want, then specify the location of the headquarters.

Thank you for reading hope you enjoy it.


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