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Community Guide - Beginner Guide

Von sunnys1deup
Mo 05 Jun 2017 16:08:32 PDT

Guide created by boy (tongcupo - Zhou)


Beginners Guide

Hello Guys, I'm tongcupo from ZHOU ,Today i would like to tell you Beginner Guide Swordsman Online in Swordsman Online Game

Beginner Guide Swordsman Online

# Status
First i will start with the character's status, to see the character's status you can press the C shortcut.

Character status explanation on online swordsman :
CON (Constitution) = Increase Max HP and Max Chi
WIL (Willpower) = Increase Endo attack and critical attack
REF (Reflex) = Increase Dodge and Mitigation
TEN (Tenacity) = Increase Exo defence, Endo defence and Healing
STR (strength) = Increase exo attack and critical attack

KFP (kung fu point) = Can Upgarde skill and Mastery
Social = For World Chat, level and Map chanel
Instance Energy = Energy used to enter Instance
World Energy = Energy used to kill monster at World map or dungeon, if world energy 0 Then it will not get EXP when killing the monster

# Equip SET
Equip SET is equip which when used Full set (complete) it will get additional status, example equip SET:

You can get this SET equip from Instance with HERO mode. Suppose you want to get equip SET level 40 then you have to enter Instance level 40/45 in HERO mode.

The function of the gem on the online swordsman is to add the status of an equip, there are many types you can see in NPC GEM in Luo Yang city

To buy a GEM on this NPC you need a Gem shard

Gem Shard can be from can sell gem to NPC, for example if you need gem shard LV1 you have to sell gem LV1 to NPC, 1 gem = 1 gem shard

Combinating Charm, Extract Stone, Socketing Stone dan Embed Stone :

Combinating Charm

Used to combine Gems, for example 5 gem Lv1 = 1 Gem Lv2

Extract Stone

Used to take / unplug the already installed gems on equip, for example if you want to take the Lv1 gems in equip you should use Extract Stone I, but if the gem is Lv2 you need Extract Stone II.

Socketing Stone

Used to perform Sockets (hollow) equip for inserted gems.

Embed Charm

Used to insert the gem into the perforated equip (socket).
All can get from the Mirage Cavern event, in addition to gems in the Mirage Cavern event can also get a coin (currency that can be in transaction)

# Mastery Cultivation
Mastery Cultivation can be used when you reach level 40. Point to improve your character status, and to access it you just press C key and click on OM in the middle of character status see picture:

You can raise the mastery cultivation to your liking,
For more details see the following video:

Crafting in online swordsman is very easy, following guide craft swrdsman online

Basic craft materials can be obtained from any monster in the world map.
Material craft level 20 = monster level 20 ~ 25
Material craft level 30 = monster level 26 ~ 35
Material craft level 40 = monster level 36 ~ 45
Material craft level 50 = monster level 46 ~ 55
Material craft level 60 = Monster level 56 ~ 65
List above only for basic materials, while for craft armor, weapon, accesoris level 30+ you need other materials that are blue, for example:

Materials like the above can be obtained from the HERO mode instance when you open the reward box (right) you can get the material.
Material level 30 = Cyan Siege HERO
Level 40 ingredients = Isles Of Solitude & Cloudtop Cliffs HERO
Material level 50 = Scorpion Nest & East Sector Heist HERO

Level & Recipes
Before doing the craft make sure your craft level is adequate for craft. To raise the level of craft you can go to NPC craft each and then choose Upgrade.

NPC craft can be found in Luo Yang city with the name:

Tailoring = Craft armor
Forge = Craft Weapon
Medicine = Craft Potion
Cooking = Craft Food
Artisan = Craft Accesoris
As for the recipe can be obtained also on the NPC

I think that's enough tips and swordsman guide online , if you want the other you can write in the comments and I will update according to your request, so much from me thank you.

REad on MY PDF: http://docdro.id/6L2n5j1



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